Merrimack College Hacks

As a senior, I feel it is my duty to share my lessons learned, tips, tricks, and "hacks" from my four years at this little college in North Andover, Massachusetts. Despite its size which is small (not for long), there is so much going on at all times. There are both pros and cons to going to a small school, but I've learned a thing or two...

If you have a car, do not venture out during rush hour

Unless you want to sit in traffic and make a 5 minute run to CVS take an hour, avoid 114 between 9-10am and especially 5-6pm.

Sparky's breakfast

Manny's omelettes. That is all.

Avoid the gym between 4-6pm

This is the most crowded point in the day and you will see everyone you don't want to see all at once while sweating profusely.

Don't expect to find a table at Sparky's during dinner in the winter

As the days get darker, everyone goes to Sparky's for dinner at the same time. It's weirdly coincidental but has not changed all four years, so plan accordingly.

News travels fast

The walk from the apartments to Sullivan is only about 12 minutes, but think about how much gossip can be spilled in that time frame...

Heavenly Donuts

Just go. But be aware if you go on Sundays you'll likely see people you know.

Go into Andover

If you're an underclassman, it's not a far walk and there's a bunch of cute shops, coffee places, and restaurants to spend a Saturday at.


Margarita's, but you didn't hear it from me.

If you live in Monican, cherish it

My little home freshman year. You'll miss it when you're a senior.

Make sure you like your roommate

This makes college everything you want it to be and more. Also, if you plan on living in the senior apartments, the bedrooms are back to freshman year size so you'll get close allllll over again.

Cherish your friends

They will be the best people you meet.

Be mindful of your MackBucks

Don't spend it all in one place (Starbucks). Literally.

Be creative in Sparky's

Watch the cooking channel for inspiration. This is no joke, you'll thank me later.


We're a small school but there's a lot to do. Take advantage and go out.

Go into Boston

The train stop is a mile from campus and it takes 30 minutes to get into the city. No excuses.

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