Whenever I go to the beach, I feeling like there's always one thing I forget! Run down this list and be sure to pack everything necessary for an awesome beach day!

1. The Basics!

Be sure to grab your beach chairs and your beach blankets, towels, a cooler or insulated bag for water and snacks, a beach umbrella, and flip flops or sandals. These items are just obvious when it come to packing up for the beach.

2. Clothing 

When at the beach, the number one necessity is a swimsuit! Be sure to think about your goal for the day with the swimsuit you pick. It could be a tanning type of day or just a day for the water! Comfy clothes are also a must. With the sand and water everywhere, try to stay dry and cozy! Don’t forget an extra change of clothes!

3. Tiny, but necessary!

There are many small things that you may forget to throw in your beach bag, but here's a quick list to double check: sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm, deodorant, a personal refillable water bottle (STAY HYDRATED), beach hat, and much more!

4. Entertainment 

Some of the items on your list soon just be some little extras to make your beach trip fun. Pack up your speaker, iPod or phone for some music, headphones, a good book. some games such as frisbee, KanJam, Spikeball, and so much more!

5. Food 

Some good, but simple foods to pack for the beach are some sandwiches, chips, and fruit! Although the broadwalk may have food to just buy, it's way easier to just pack up before your go! Don't forget to pack some extra money just in case you're in the mood for some ice cream!

There are always some more items that those may need, but be sure to look over this general list when trying to grab most things your would need for a day at the beach!