Your Ultimate Motivational Guide For 2021
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Your Ultimate Motivational Guide For 2021

Let's kill those New Year's resolutions.

Your Ultimate Motivational Guide For 2021
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Although many things from 2020 have carried over to 2021, this new year still comes along with the opportunity for self-improvement and a fresh start.

The purpose of this motivational guide is to remind you that in a time where so many things may feel out of your control, there is still plenty you can do to work towards your goals. It's time to ground yourself and take that control back.

New year, improved you

I know the saying is typically "new year, new me," but that doesn't have to be the case. Setting and achieving goals doesn't mean you magically become a new person. With the objective of "new year, improved me," you shift the focus from changing yourself, to bettering yourself.

Create a strategy for achieving your resolutions

Let's say you made your New Year's resolution to lose 10 pounds. To actually achieve that resolution, you need a plan. I suggest grabbing a notebook and doing some goal-setting. For example, to achieve your resolution, maybe you want to drink more water, or work out more frequently. You can document how much water you're drinking, and create a workout schedule for yourself. With all your different goals, you will be well on your way to achieving your resolution.

Also, remember to make sure these goals are attainable. I'm not suggesting that you work out every single day. Remember to take breaks, and ease yourself into it. This goes for any resolution, whether it has to do with weight loss or not.

Just do it

The wise words of Nike. Go talk to that guy or girl you really like. Apply for that job. Hit the gym. The only thing stopping you is you! 2020 put us through a lot, and 2021 certainly isn't the year to hold back.

Go out of your comfort zone

Leaving your comfort zone is the key to personal-growth. In 30 years, you're gonna look back and remember the times you went out of your comfort zone, not the times you held yourself back out of fear. Don't live with regrets.

Manifest your goals

Not everyone believes in manifesting, but practicing the manifestation of your goals keeps you in a positive mindset. You can write down what you want to manifest in your journal, say it out loud, or even just think about it. Put out the energy you want to receive.

Read a book

I have never been big on reading, but I recently discovered how mind-opening and impactful books can be. By setting a date with yourself to read, you're allowing yourself time to block out anything that may be happening around you. There are so many amazing self-help books out there if you're looking to better yourself this year, or you can just read a book that interests you.

Pro-tip: Instead of scrolling through social media before bed, consider winding down with a good book.

A small effort is better than nothing

It's okay to take baby steps. Even if you're working towards your goals slowly, you're still on your way to achieving them. For example, a short workout is better than no workout at all.

Don't give up

Cath Tate Cards

I thought this was appropriate to end off with. There will be times where you feel discouraged and want to give up, but you have to persevere! You have the power to achieve your goals and handle anything 2021 has to throw your way. Believe in yourself.

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