"You Gucci?" The luxury Italian brand has become almost synonymous with something good or okay. During the summer you couldn't go more than five minutes on a radio station without hearing the song Gucci Gang at least once. Yet, I've never seen anyone wearing anything Gucci. I've heard of one guy buying a Gucci belt and trying to show it off, but other than that there's been nothing Gucci in my life. Why is that? Is it that the outrageous prices turn people away? No. It's because Gucci's style is weirdly reminiscent of the time you were five years old and playing dresses up in you grandmother's closet. There are items on their website so ugly I cringe thinking about the poor soul who was beguiled into buying it just because of the brand attached to it.

Striped Faux Fur Coat $9,300

What kind of animal were they trying to go for?

Alexandra Michalski

Real fur coats are bad. Faux fur coats are better, but at what cost?

Gold and Silver Sequin Top $5,200

Yes that shirt with that skirt? Perfect.

Alexandra Michalski

When Yukon Cornelius said he was looking for silver and gold I'm not sure this is what he meant...

Balaclava Knit Top $890

Me walking to class in -10 degree weather.

Alexandra Michalski

You know, for those days when you want to wear a turtleneck and a ski mask but be able to still eat your sandwich on your way to class.

Oversize Sweatshirt With Zebra Print $1,280

My mother would cry if I walked out the house looking like this.

Alexandra Michalski

The eighties are coming back with a vengeance.

Bugs Bunny Suede Vest with Patches $4,950

Why? Just why?

Alexandra Michalski

I dare you to wear this exact outfit to class. Exactly as is. It's the epitome of fashion!