Alright UCF, Here Are 25 Questions All Knights Have Asked
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What exactly does UCF stand for? U can't finish, Under Construction Forever, Underrated in College Football?

Us Knights at the University of Central Florida have heard them all, and frankly, we are not amused. What is that age-old concept; we can make fun of each other, but you can't make fun of us. There are some things only knights understand, like where Stag went or why our mascot is a knight but we have a miniature pony that runs across the field during football games. However, try as we might, there are some questions we still are dying to know the answers to.

1. Where did the lime bikes go?

This is a question almost all us Knights were wondering before the beloved Spin Scooters showed up Spring 2020. One year lime bikes were literally everywhere you looked. They were in trees, elevators, parking garages, and sometimes even inconvenient places like sidewalks. Suddenly, they disappeared when Lime declined to renew their contract with the school. Maybe if we didn't park them in trees the bikes would still be around.

2. What is up with all the night/knight puns?

I'll admit it, this can get old pretty quick. We have Knightmare, we have Comedy Knights and so much more. Pretty much, any time the word could be "night" UCF chooses the play on words and uses knights. Admittedly, even we are sick of it.

3. Why are the squirrels not afraid of people?

On any given day, UCF students will cross paths with campus squirrels, but unlike most natural squirrels these are not phased by humans. there have been countless times where I've been in a literal stare-down with these rodents. Who will break first? It isn't them. I have changed my paths and let the squirrels take over the path since I definitely do not want to get in their way.

4. Why can't you step on the seal in the Student Union?

One of the first things UCF tour and orientation leaders say to potential students is warning them against stepping on the seal. The myth, if you step on it, is that you won't graduate. Of course, I do not know if anyone has actually tested this theory, but I for one do not want to be the one to prove it.

5. Do all UCF students spend all their time at Disney?

Surprisingly no. Not all us knights are in love with Mickey's magical land. Yes, UCF is known for its hospitality program which is close to Disney, but not all students have annual passes. Although we do get good discounts occasionally.

6. Why do the shuttles take so long?

I wish I had any type of explanation for you, but frankly the shuttles are just horrible and undependable.

7. Why does it take so long to get our diplomas?

On UCF's website, it states UCF alumni can expect their diplomas within 6 weeks, but there are some graduates who won't receive their diploma for three to four months- and yes it will arrive bent despite instructions.

8. Do you mean The Library or 'Library'? 

Admittedly this is confusing? When someone says they are at the library, sometimes I wonder whether they are actually studying or if they are out drinking their troubles away. UCF students refer to it as Lib but other Orlando residents like those at Rollins call it Library. This only adds to the confusion.

9. How big is UCF exactly?

Is too big an answer? UCF now has approximately 69,000 students enrolled and we do not have enough parking. The number is growing each year, but from someone who goes there, I do not think the university itself is growing as fast as those enrolled.

10. What do people typically wear to classes?

On any given day, you will see students strolling in to class wearing over-sized t-shirts, gym shorts, or any other version of athleisure. This is the standard uniform of any over-worked college student and you will see them everywhere on UCF's campus.

11. Why do we always have to change our NID password?

If anyone has an answer to this please let me know. Resetting my password every 60 days is annoying and I always mix them up. I think it is because students' accounts were actually hacked a few years ago.

12. When will there be more vegan options on campus?

The Student Union dining options are more for convenience than taste. Yes, chick-fil-a can be pretty good, but not necessarily the healthiest option. In fact, one of the healthiest options for lunch on campus is pre-made sushi and maybe a smoothie. Not much right? Vegan may not always mean healthy, but it is an often asked question.

13. Is it Reflection Pond or Reflecting Pond?

We may never remember the true name for the fountain in the middle of campus, but just to set the record straight it is, in fact, the "Reflecting Pond."

14. What is up with those photos in the Reflecting Pond?

All UCF students count down the years until they can jump in that fountain and take their cap and gown photos. Of course, I don't necessarily know how hygienic it is, but I know I don't want to miss out.

15. Is the move pub or lib?

UCF is not known for its bars. The sole two are always packed and seem to always smell like vomit. You don't go to these bars for the atmosphere, only the expereince?

16. Wait, what is Stag?

The saying goes, "If she doesn't know Stag, she's too young." Stagger Inn was the third bar located near campus, and it unfortunately closed in 2018. Out of all the campus bars, this one was my favorite. #RIPStag

17. Wait, what about Gilt?

And here is where it gets confusing. Gilt is neither a campus bar or a downtown bar.

18. What is the actual mascot of UCF?

It can be confusing, we call ourselves the Knights, but have a Pegasus on our seal and have a miniature horse trotting along the field at every football game. We are however the Knights.

19. Why do we still not have an acting President?

Since Dale Whittaker resigned last Spring after some potentially sketchy building project, we have had Interim President Thad Seymour Jr. who really is amazing.

20. Can someone explain this whole Spirit Splash?

Personally I don't get all the hype. Thousands of students will run into the Reflecting Pond in hopes to secure one of the coveted rubber ducks. Spirit Splash is not just some silly tradition. It has been recognized as the best university tradition and was even featured on ESPN in 2017. Some people even train for it. Watching the students run into the looks like they are recreating a scene from Spartacus.

21. Will there ever be enough parking on campus?

No, never. There never has and there never will.

22. Are the scooters safe?

UCF upgraded and traded lime bikes for Spin Scooters. Of course, there have already been accidents so spin and ride at your own risk.

23. What is the Greek Ghetto?

Essentially, it is where the houses for a majority of fraternities for the UCF are located. You know you had a fun night when you walk from the Greek Ghetto to McDonald's. It is simply a rite of passage.

24. Did UCF Football win the National Championship?

Yes we did, don't try to argue with any UCF knight, because did your team go 13-0? We did!

25. And finally, finish the sentence? Go knights... 

Charge On!

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