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Tyrell Williams Scouting Report

A look at the strengths and weaknesses of the UDFA who is one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL

Tyrell Williams Scouting Report

Tyrell Williams Information

Number: 16

Position: WR (X/Y)

Age: 26

College: Western Oregon

Draft Pick: UDFA-LAC

Career Games Played: 36

Career Games Started: 27

Career Games Won: 17

Injury History: August 25, 2014, Williams played his final college season with a torn labrum in his right shoulder that eventually required surgery

Key Stats: In 2016 Led LAC in Receptions, Targets, and Receiving Yards


Heights: 6034

Weight: 204

40Yard: 4.43

10Yard: 1.51

Arm: N/A

Hand: N/A

Vertical: 39.5

3cone: 6.74

ProSchuttle: 4.17

Broad Jump: 127

Bench Reps: N/A

Games Scouted

LAC @DEN 9/11---LAC vs. KC 9/24---LAC vs. PHI 10/23---LAC @NE 10/29---LAC @NYJ 12/24


Speed, Jumping Ability, Tracking Skills, Release, Route Stem, Helping in Pass Protection, Jump Ball Catches


Running Sharp Cutting Routes, Exploding in and out of Cuts, Run Blocking, Beating Press/Contact with his Hands


Starting Outside Receiver who relies on his exceptional athletic ability to separate from defenders on deep routes. Will it into a system which needs a vertical deep threat from the outside receiver position but also willing to utilize his speed and YAC ability on short/intermediate routes.

Scheme Fit

A system which seeks to get him the ball primarily downfield and also creates open opportunities underneath to allow him to utilize his size and speed to make a defender miss and gain YAC

Tyrell Williams is an UDFA from Western Oregon in his 3rd year with the LAC. For most of his first year he was on the practice squad and in his second year he led the team in REC, TAR, and REC YDS filling in for an injured Keenan Allen. He is primarily used as an outside receiver who stretches the defense. Williams possesses a rare combination of size, speed, acceleration, hands, and ball tracking. He wins off the LOS with his footwork and maintains a good route stem throughout the release. He uses his superior speed as an advantage rounding some routes to maintain this advantage over the defender. He excels at tracking the ball in the air and has good hands/body control to go up and make the difficult jump ball or downfield catch. He has good agility to make the first man miss and then accelerate quickly to gain YAC. Williams is very good when motioned in or aligned near an OT to help Block/Chip a DE and ruins their pass rush even Pancaking the defender on occasion. He is a good run blocker, especially when motioned, and bends well for his size and uses good play strength to contain the defender. He does struggle to maintain the same level of effort throughout the game especially on early down running plays with a decent amount of initial distance between him and the defender, making him unreliable. He is not able to win off the line with his hands and relies solely on his footwork and athletic ability. He struggles on routes that demand he cut sharply and has marginal burst in and out of these cuts. Overall, Tyrell Williams is a quality Starting WR who is a rare deep ball threat in the passing game. He can win downfield with his speed, jumping, hands, and tracking ability. His athletic ability also makes him a good receiver in the short/intermediate range (ideally against Zone) where his agility and speed can make a man miss and then outrun the rest of the defense. His route running prevents him from consistently winning on sharp cutting routes such as Out or In routes and relies on a good release and his speed. Overall, I really enjoyed watching Williams on tape and believe that if he continues to develop his route running ability around his great physical skill set that he could be a top 10 outside receiver in the NFL.

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