Work in retail they said. It'll look great on your resume they said. Well, did they tell you it'd make you feel great? Nah, here's what it's really like to work a day in retail.

You get to work, and there are what seems like thousands of customers in the store

So you go to the back, grab a headset, and see some of your favorite coworkers there

Knowing that your friends are here, you're ready to head to the battlefield with your biggest smile: the sales floor

On the battle ground, you come across the first enemy: customers who ignore you completely

But as you go to help someone else, the ones who ignored you somehow crawl back to you and now want your attention

Eventually you're able to help a few customers, and that makes you feel really good about yourself

But then you encounter the second enemy: the annoying customer

They ask you questions about products that haven't been sold in 10+ years

Or they ask you about getting a discount on a product, sometimes on one that's already on sale...

Alas you get saved by your manager, who moves you to cash wrap

You encounter a customer who wants to return something, yet doesn't have the receipt

Then they demand to talk to the manager, who you know will just give them the same answer

You then meet more customers who demand to use every coupon possible, no matter what the expiration date may be

And then they remove their card too early from the scanner, canceling the transaction

Then the customer starts getting mad and yelling at you for no reason

After the fun times at cash wrap end, you move to stocking shelves or fixing displays

You make a beautiful display and feel like you've saved the world

So you move on to the next one, only to find the previous display getting destroyed by a careless customer

That same customer proceeds to ask you a question, and you have to help them though you so don't want to

Then all of the sudden people start yelling in the headset, making you balance two conversations at once, which is not easy

Sooner or later, you get put to work the dressing rooms, which end up getting destroyed by a tornado of clothes

But then you see one of your customers actually deciding to buy the product YOU helped them pick out

But then they forget to mention your name at cash wrap...

After a long day of work, you finally get to take your break and hang out with your work buddies!

You think your shift is almost over, but then you look at the clock and see you've only been there for like thirty minutes

But as you and your coworkers bond, you realize that you CAN get through the shift

And that through all the struggles, those employee discounts are really worth it

So at the end of the day, you determine that retail isn't so bad after all

Until you remember you have to work floor set...

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