Types of People You Meet Your First Year (Two Months) of College
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Types of People You Meet Your First Year (Two Months) of College

People from all over the world are on your campus, and it's almost as if every Hollywood stereotype is disproven within 3 weeks of classes.

Types of People You Meet Your First Year (Two Months) of College
Karen Lowry

We’ve all seen the movies celebrating the reckless recent-high-school-grads running rampant their freshman year of college and the classic stereotypes we place upon the characters that frequent the college campus. However, after two months of solid attendance at a small city-based university, as well as through frequenting the nearby, much larger, universities, the college personas seem to have a recurring pattern that can deviate from our movie expectations.

1. The Leslie Knope

Based off of the iconic figure from Parks and Rec, you’re almost sure upon first meeting that this person could be the next president of the United States. They already have their campaign signs made for your university’s student government, and, more than likely, they can walk circles around the presidential candidates. You wonder if you’ll be voting for them in some 20 odd years, and consider snagging a selfie with them for future publicity purposes.

2. The Photographer

These people leave you constantly wondering why they aren’t already working for National Geographic. It’s no surprise, but they never go anywhere without their camera. Landscape shots, selfies, impromptu photo-shoots when you’re the unsuspecting victim, they document every moment of their (and by default, you guess, your own) life.

3. The “Turnt but not Burnt” One

Otherwise dubbed by Hollywood as the “Partier,” you’ve come to learn that the given term can’t quite do justice to this individual. Sure, they spend most of their weekends at the nearby parties at the larger university down the road, and they tend to stumble back to their dorm in the wee hours of the morning. But rest assured, these night owls will always make it to their 8am class the next day.

4. The Conservative

This might be respective singularly to my university, but with a campus full of bleeding heart liberals, you’re bound to have the token conservative kid sporting a Trump shirt and trying to justify taking away basic human rights and safety. You probably don’t know them all that well, and probably most people don’t know them at all. However, any time they come up in conversation, everyone knows exactly who you’re talking about.

5. The (Pittsburgh) Nursing Major

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh nursing majors go through the most rigorous training programs in the nation. As a result, nursing majors win a special place in your heart within the first few weeks of college. They are always studying, always making flashcards, always in class, and you’re lucky if you see them during midterms and finals (you’re convinced they have 3 finals per class). They probably had homework due the first day of classes, too. You always make sure to check in on them, partially because you’re concerned for their health and also because you need some motivation for your own work ethic.

6. The Creep

These characters can come in many shapes and sizes. They frequent self-inviting to respective “friend group” events, or even lurking in your general vicinity and are always trying to offer “helpful” information at inopportune moments. This individual is also really into their online presence and will never let you forget it.

7. The Chaotic Neutral

Kind of an odd ball character, you aren’t really sure what their purpose or interests are on first site. Exactly the type of person to swallow a tablespoon of wasabi just to get a reaction from everyone else at the dining hall, you find yourself frequently forgetting their major, what they’re involved in, etc. The bright side of knowing them is the access to their weird skillsets that somehow end up convenient when you most need them; however, you’ll have to get used to the chaotic antics that can tend to be a bit draining after a long day.

8. The New Yorker

These individuals are exactly like everyone else in college. However, the moment you find out they’re from New York, you can’t help but ask how the big apple is doing these days; to which you receive a dull look and a quipped response of “I’m from Buffalo.” You’re not really sure where that is in reference to New York city, but surely they go to the city frequently enough that it doesn’t matter? It’s a long, strenuous process, but eventually you learn to accept that they’re more Canadian than they could ever be a New Yorker.
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