An introduction to the types of people you meet while floating the river
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12 Types Of People You Meet While Floating The Boise River

College kids and drunks and families, oh my!

Floating down the river with my best friend
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From the end of June until Labor Day, the town of Boise lets all who love the sun, splashes, and wicked cold water to float down the Boise River. When I first moved to Boise in 2014, I thought it was weird - people floating down the river in rafts? Dirty, river water? Back east, a lot of natural bodies of water are typically dirty. Sometimes brown, like poop status yucky water. So, now you see why I thought the whole "floating" concept was repulsive. Ever since moving here, I've floated the river at least once a year. It's so relaxing, adventurous, and simply a nice get away from real life without having to go as far as Lucky Peak lake or McCall. Like any place, especially in Boise, you see a lot of familiar faces - from classmates, baby freshman and "old fogies" to drunk ass people or the jumpers. You'll see what I mean in the assortment below.

1. College kids

From Boise State to CWI, ISU to U of I, and even C of I, summer is the most extended vacation college kids ever get. Period. What better way to spend summer is to kick back and let the river literally take you to new heights, or the ripples dictate your day. Grab those sunnies, that raggedy baseball cap (maybe one with a BSU Bronco on it) and some waterproof blue tooth speakers for ultimate rafting comfort!

2. The high school snobs

Chump meat. Yep, the ones who act basic, super duper extra, and act like their group is "The Clique." This may or may not apply to both genders, but besides the point, they can be annoying. Sorry to any of my high schoolers reading this, but seriously check yourself.

3. Fam bam slam

As I said, all walks of life inhabit the river during floating season. Not going to lie, seeing little kids in floaties and the cute pool shoes are adorable! Although their screams can be annoying to some floaters, let the nuggets be little :)

4. Man's best friend

Lots, lots, and lots of doggos accompany floaters! Surprisingly, some of the bigger dogs haven't popped a raft yet! Who would've thunk?

5. The overly, extra, basic floaters

Picture this: extra large floatie (either in unicorn or food form), blue tooth speakers blaring music to ungodly volume lengths, and maybe trying to smoke one. I'm not sure I can go on…

6. The "cool"-er kids

In my opinion, the most prepared kind of floaters. Want to kick back and crack a nice, cold one? Bring a cooler full with you! Extra brownie points: find rafts that have cup holders :) And don't forget the snackies!

7. The lost boys

The newbie floaters who don't have the slightest idea how to steer their raft. This also includes those who lose their: phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, shoes, swim trunks. You know, the essentials. Click here to find some awesome waterproof bags to bring with you! You'll be the hippest dad and/or mom of the group!

8. The bushers

A slight continuation of floaters who can't steer their raft- these are the ones who crash into tree branches, rocks, logs and all of the above. Yes, I have crashed into these before. No, it's not fun - especially if it's a concrete block.

9. The vapers and the smokies

The ones who insist on bringing their lighter or vape stick/handle thingy. They think they're the coolest, dopest ones floating and probably the most chill people out there. Watch for these ding dongs too. They might try to crash into you on purpose! Or just casually chilling in the trees like a squirrel during the winter time.

10. The jumpers

Along the Boise River, there are a few bridges and a rope swing that the public can use to plunge themselves into the river. Do I recommend this? Let's just read this article and I think you catch my drift.

11. The adventurers

These are the ones who kayak the river, pontoon it, maybe jet ski it, and even snorkeling! Yes, my friend and I saw a group of guys snorkel the river on the 4th of July. Crazy right?!? Like who would want to freeze their butt off with a fast current coming at them?

12. The improv-ers

The ones who are too lazy/broke college kids who don't want to pay $20 for a raft they use only a few times a year. Yep, air mattresses definitely suffice and somehow don't pop! Weird

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