Types Of Students In A College Classroom
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Types Of Students In A College Classroom

If you thought HS was a zoo, well... College is a freaking jungle

Types Of Students In A College Classroom

Ok I know several articles have been written encapsulating the types of boys and girls college campuses have. These lists were so good to the point that they've inspired me to write a similar list of my own, but this one would be about the types of students in a college campus classroom. Please know this list is meant to entertain and should not be taken seriously. Now with that being said, see where you fit below.

The Athletes:


Under this classification or type of student there are 3 subcategories, those being the nice ones, the cocky ones, and the different ones. The nice ones are characterized by their positive outlook in life and want to get better. They usually are very sociable, have strong faith on the Lord, and for the most part do well at school. The cocky ones are those who think they are the shit and thus better than everyone else. The moment they step into the classroom they want to leave and on top of that they tend to be underperforming students. Their want to do well in their respective sports can sometimes blind them from other important things, but at the same time they are very ambitious and diligent when it comes to perfecting their craft. Finally, the different ones are those who have a wide variety of interests. They may have an excessive love for video games, anime or anything along those lines. These people try to do what they love and they can't seem to get enough of whatever that is. In the classroom they may be either the best or the worst depending on how interested they are in their majors.



These people absolutely love attention and they are not afraid of expressing their opinion (which is why they might be the annoying ones who ask 300 questions in a single class). They love the school they go to as much as they love themselves. Unfortunately, these people do not always tend to be the best students, they either get distracted very easily or do not care enough to pay attention (hence why they ask so many questions). Nonetheless, these guys tend to work their butts off to do well in class despite their lack of interest; and in a lot of cases they do overcome their obstacles.

Greek Lifers

Maddie Hamner

Love to represent their colors. Women usually wear a combination of XXXXXXXL t-shirts and shorts ( or "Norts" as some like to call them) as substitutes for pants. In occasion you may see them wear leggings though. It really depends on the weather. They usually come from families with a fairly good economic standing and they are pretty prideful of the depiction of their image to others. At school they actually do well even though they like to downplay themselves a lot for no apparent reason. Men are similar to women in how consistent they are with their clothing. They wear greek life t-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes (or sandals) and at times they love to add a greek life hat as well. Unlike the girls however, their spectrum regarding their performance as students is much wider, so you may find yourself meeting an either an incredibly proficient student or a straight up careless bum.

Christian Cult People


Love their everyday morning coffee, they can't live without it and they are usually pretty selective about it. These people can be either the biggest fakes/phonies or the nicest people you've met. As students they are usually pretty resourceful and they'll get stuff done but they can struggle with the material at times and they can screw up every now and then. They also get pretty nervous when it comes to test taking. In short, they work and do what they are asked, but they do not always get the results they are looking for.

Prof’s Faves


These students have a lot of emotional intellect. They know how to be liked by their profs, and they know the benefits that may have. More often than not, they do not really pay much attention in class, but to make up for that, you'll definitely see them kissing ass at the prof's office hours so they get the recognition they want. Nonetheless, they may not always be like that. Sometimes, they may legitimately be some of the brightest in the class or they might share a common interest with the prof. This can also be a reason why they may be among the prof's faves.


No need to explain. They simply ruin the curve. They get 110 out of 100 possible points on every test.



They strictly show up for test days and depending on their study habits, or income to pay for tutoring, they might either do incredibly well or just horribly. There is no in between.

The Distractors

Students like this have a background of either being a class clown or simply socially incapable. They love playing on their devices with high volume during class while also making very loud noises while eating. They love to make noises with their pen or with the nearest object they have at their disposition and they may sometimes have awful hygiene. Unfortunately, these students actually tend to do pretty well because they are seemingly focused on doing whatever is best for them only.

The Oldies

Old Man Grandpa Portrait Face Retirement Person


Like their label suggests, they might be old but they usually have some of the coolest background histories. These students tend to actually do very well because they do what they are told, pay attention in class and, among everything else, they value their presence in the classroom because they usually pay out of their own pockets. These type of students are definitely the best study partners but they most likely do not have the time to help you nor care.

The Cadets


Not all schools may have these guys but for the most part they come in very different shapes and sizes. One thing they do have in common is their constant lack of energy during class. Because they have to wake up earlier than normal and may be do a few extra activities in the evening they are always drained. In class you'll see them half asleep or entirely asleep and they will somehow wake up 2 minutes before their class ends so they can pack up and go. Even with this lack of energy most of them tend to do all right in school. They are definitely not the best but not the worst either.

Normal Ones


They do not stand out for anything in particular, they simply go to class, take notes because everyone else seems to be taking notes, and they struggle to not get distracted by either looking at their phone or by talking to a friend next to them. Because their study habits and plans for the future may vary, their performance spectrum is very wide. Thus, it would be hard to pick an adequate class performance rate for them. On average, however, they do ok.

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