10 Types Of People In Every Group Message

Ah, group messages. We love to hate them. No matter who is involved in a group message, in every single one there are going to be people who represent these stereotypes:

The Ghost

This person just exists. You never see them talk, but when you mention kicking them out, it's as if you tried suggesting to stop the production of Nike track shorts. They may never say a word, but they are staying. They are crucial to the balance of the group and they are here for a reason.

The Mom

Everyone has that motherly friend, and there is always one in a group message. They always look out for you, to make sure you don't do anything stupid and are staying safe. They are lifesavers. They make the world go round.

The Plug

Somehow this person always knows what's going on. They are the first person to know about a party, when people are giving out free stuff, or when there are puppies on campus. They know everything.

The Non-Private Conversationalists

You know who you are. When you have something to say to just one person in the group, text them individually.

The Promoter

That guy who wants you to go to his fraternity's spirit night? Your friend in the music department that texts the whole group about their upcoming performance? They are all promoters being promoters.

The Jordan Belfort

This person is the first to go buy whatever the group needs whenever someone asks. We are always confused as to how they are able to pay for tuition when they're constantly blowing money at the drop of a hat. Everyone is jealous of them, has some sort of deep hatred for them, but is extremely grateful for their presence in the group.

The Unnecessary Informers

I'm sorry, but I don't want to see what your poop looked like today (true story, someone sent that in one of my group messages). Those things are for your eyes and ears only. Don't scar me forever please.

The Embarrassing Ones

Please know that if anything happens between us, those selfies you sent us may or may not be used as blackmail.

The Pop-Culture Obsessed

The have a gif or meme for every and any situation person. They add some humor and light into the group, but sometimes we need you to speak with your words.

The Motivational Speaker

You're always going to have that one person that tries to motivate the whole group at some point. Whether it be by sending shirtless photos of baseball players during finals week, or sending paragraphs about how much they love the whole group, they surely get the job done.

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