People Come In All Shapes And Sizes And You Will Undoubtedly Meet These 10 Before You Graduate College
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Student Life

People Come In All Shapes And Sizes And You Will Undoubtedly Meet These 10 Before You Graduate College

College truly shows you how different each individual is-- even yourself.

People Come In All Shapes And Sizes And You Will Undoubtedly Meet These 10 Before You Graduate College
Aneka Voth

There are people of all shapes and sizes at any college you go to. Here are a few of the kinds of people you will for sure meet if you haven't already:

1. Your Best Friend

They say your best friends are found in college. Well, they're right, whoever it is that says that. You meet tons of people and they will change your life in unexpected ways, but not nearly as much as your best friend.

This person is there for you when you can't get your hair to curl before a date party and when all you want to do is watch The Notebook on a Friday night. Your best friend will be the person you call when you can't find your keys in the morning and will probably stand next to you when you say, "I do." This is a special person.

2. The Party Animal

You're all about going out and having a great time, just within reason. You meet "The Party Animal" while you're out and about over the weekend. They basically live in the bars and go to class with a vodka filled water bottle at 9 AM.

The partiers are found Monday through Sunday posting on their Snapchat with a drink in hand saying, "the only cure to a hangover is more alcohol." You silently judge them a little, but also have major respect for them since their liver hasn't failed yet.

3. The All About A's

This person is polar opposite from the Party Animal. "All About A's" is totally consumed with their grades. They are in a committed relationship with their 4.0 and would die to see it drop. You can bet their Friday night is spent studying up on their test that isn't for another month or watching YouTube videos on conspiracy theories about the Periodic Table.

4. The Former Cheerleader

This is the preppy girl who still teases her ponytail and wears too much glittery eyeshadow when she goes out. She talks about "nationals" and constantly marks tumbling passes to random music. Every single one of her t-shirts has a bow or says Cheerleader on it, and her guilty pleasure is blasting cheer remixes in the car while she drives.

5. The [Soon-To-Be] Drop Out

This guy showed up to the first class 10 minutes late and hasn't been there since. Your professors have a heart attack the one time he shows up every other month. You don't worry too much about him because he'll be out of here soon enough.

6. The Liberal, Vegan Hippy

Peace signs, Chaco's and tofu are this person's obsessions. She stands on the sidewalks in front of the lecture halls and screams to anyone who will hear about the legalization of weed, recycling and animal rights. She tries not to shower every day and refuses to use any products tested on animals.

7. The Wanna-Be D1 Athlete

He was the best of the best back in 7th-grade boys basketball, but his dreams were crushed when he only grew to be 5'10''. This dude walks around campus in look-a-like clothes and backpacks to the athletes at the school. He constantly posts about his favorite sports teams and how much he misses the game. But did he ever really play?

8. The Total Frat Rat...

He wears his letters plastered across his sweatshirts and hats. He is probably wearing pastel Vineyard Vines apparel, and Oakley sunglasses. This guy thinks he's a chick magnet, but really all the girls want is a date for the next formal and free booze. In the long run, this guy will be fine, once he stops acting (and looking) like a douche bag.

9. ...And The Stereotypical Sorority Girl

She also has her letters plastered everywhere, but this time it's all over her leggings, shorts, Comfort Color's tee, and her car. Her room is filled with sorority canvases and pictures of her throwing up her chapter's sign. Once this girl got to college, her Instagram likes skyrocketed. She loves her chapter and all her sisters, you know because it's all she ever talks about.

And last but definitely not least...

10. The Real You

The greatest person you'll meet in college is yourself. College has a funny way of helping you do that. The freedom allows you to get involved in what you want to do and get out of your comfort zone. Because of college, you are able to become YOU. Congrats!

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