GroupMe is the app that allows you to connect with a big group of people without needing their phone number. In college, students use them for organization purposes or if they want to connect with everyone in their class at once.

1. Mute the conversation

Gets annoyed with their phone blowing up all the time but doesn't want to leave the group. Usually ends up checking the app once every couple of days.

2. Leaves the group

Either fed up with the chat purpose or dropped the organization or class leading to their exit.

3. Only uses the group for help

Will only be active on the group when a test is coming up, missed a class or can't understand an assignment. Will be involved in the chat until they received what they needed before leaving until needed again.

4. Hearts conversations

Does not know what to say so they will hit the heart button on other people messages to help get their point across.

5. @ everyone 

Feels the need to tag the person they are conversing with or talking about so the person will know they are being acknowledged.

Be anyone but the person that only uses the GroupMe for their own advantage.