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5 More Things To Write In A Letter

Do you want to be more like Lara Jean Covey? Maybe just without all the drama and scandals.


Almost every teen has heard of the new popular Netflix show "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" starring Noah Centineo as Peter Kavinsky and Lana Condor as Lara Jean Covey. The movie, which is based on a novel by author Jenny Han, tells the events following the accidental mailing of Lara Jean's secret love letters to her crushes. Without all the drama and the accidental confessions to your past secret crushes, here are five other things you can write about in a letter.

1. Write about your problems and frustrations


Has someone been getting on your nerves lately? Or maybe the new school year's workload is already stressing you out. Writing about your current problems and frustrations in a letter can be a good way to let off steam and move on at the same time.

2. Write about your dreams


If you've ever had a bizarre dream, like a haunted house collapsing while you're trying to run down from it (like I have), it might be nice to document it and save it to remember for later.

3. Write about your wishes 


If you ever hope for something to happen with all your heart, or cannot stop thinking about achieving that one special thing, why not write about it?

4. Write about someone you appreciate


Words don't always come out easy. Showing appreciation for something, or someone, in an obvious manner can be hard for some. Confessions to a piece of paper though, not so much.

5. Write about your current obsession


Whether it's a new band, a new book, or a new hobby, why not express your excitement about your newfound interest by writing about it? I know that my best friend, currently at another university, is actually quite obsessed with this teen flick, so maybe she'd write about that.

Maybe writing in letter form isn't your style; writing these things in a journal is also completely okay. It's your choice to share your writing with others, as well. Just make sure you don't accidentally include an address and stamp to the letter addressed to the person who has been getting on your nerves; I don't imagine this one going as well as Covey's story.

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10 Hidden Messages In The Film 'Get Out'

Ten messages that will make you want to head back to the theater.

Get Out is a masterful directorial debut by Jordan Peele. This film is far more than a normal horror film. This is a film that captivates audiences everywhere and has taken society by storm. On the surface this film seems to be about a man named Chris, played by actor Daniel Kaluuya, and a woman named Rose, played by actress Allison Williams. This couple has reached the stage of their relationship where Rose plans a trip to visit her parents and introduce them to her boyfriend Chris. There is an underlying nervous tension surrounding the fact that their relationship is interracial, but as the movie carries on the true feelings of Rose's family is revealed. Throughout the movie, Peele artfully placed certain symbols inside scenes to refreshingly discuss race relations in America.

Here are 10 hidden messages that will make you want to take a trip back to the theater.

1. The Silver Spoon

The silver spoon is a popular item we see Rose's mother use to hypnotize Chris. We recognize the silver spoon as representing the privilege that is passed down from generations. Rose's parents are protected by their privilege; being their whiteness and wealth. The psychotic acts being conducted by their family is hidden by this affluence.

2. Cotton

When Chris is tied up in the basement and being hypnotized, he has the idea to take the cotton out of the chair and put it in his ears to halt the hypnosis. Peele uses this scene as irony to show this as being the only time that a black male has used cotton to escape from a life-threatening act.

3. Rose's cereal

At the end of the movie, we see Rose eating her fruit loops one by one separate from her milk. This scene is perceived two different ways. Many viewers depict this scene as showing the separation of "the colors from the white." Jordan Peele discussed this in an interview with Vanity Fair, “That’s one of my favorite scenes,” he said. “I came up with it a couple days before we shot it, just feverishly trying to figure out what is the most fucking psychotic snack she could be eating, and what is the most psychotic way she could be doing it. And so, yeah, we had this idea that she’s like total O.C.D., stunted growth, and just one of these people that eats her old childhood snacks in exactly the way she used to do it.”

4. Late night runs

In a chilling scene, Chris goes out at night to have a cigarette when to his surprise, Walter runs past Chris with no acknowledgment of Chris's presence. Later we find out that Walter is the host body to Rose's grandfather who lost to Jesse Owens in the Olympics. The grandfather never got over this loss. This loss is deemed to be the reason why the family has started the business of kidnapping and manipulating genes from black men and women.

5. The Deer

Chris and Rose hit a deer on the way to visit her parents. Later on, we see Chris return to check on the status of the deer and he never seems to get over that. This is connected to the fact that Chris's mom died in a hit and run accident. Also, when Chris and Rose make it to Rose's family's home, the father praising the death of the deer saying that "every death is a win to mankind" is a subtle racist message. We later learn that the father was possibly referring to black men and women with this statement. We see taxidermied deer on the walls connecting that to the way Rose's family hunted Chris and treated him as an objectified trophy.

6. The Light

Whenever there is a camera flash, Chris encounters beyond strange behavior by Walter, Andre and Georgina. Chris is a photographer and he is the one who acknowledges the behavior behind the camera flash. The camera flash represents "seeing the light" and temporarily waking up from their hypnosis and realizing their original identities.

7. The Sunken Place

The sunken place is the dark space that Rose's mother hypnotizes Chris into. This represents a greater narrative of African Americans being controlled by white Americans from times of slavery. Chris shows himself as being terrified and ultimately powerless to Rose's mother which directly connects to the history of black America. Also, it is connected to modern day and how some are unable to escape racism in the workplace.

8. Sports

Rose's brother constantly brings up sports in conversation with Chris and is surprised when he is not interested. Ultimately, Chris ends up killing her brother by subduing him with a metal ball, mirroring how society makes it seem that the only way for a black male to escape his situation is through sports.

9. Cops

At the end of the movie, Chris defends himself by murdering the entire family and ultimately the cops arrive at the scene. Even after the hell-like ordeal that Chris encounters, he still puts his hands up when the cops arrive; like he expects himself to be seen as the criminal. This mirrors the current distrust between society and the police department.

10. American Flag

With the way Rose and Chris are pictured together throughout a majority of the scenes through their outfits create an image of a distorted American flag. The colors are dulled out and dim because the movie is showing the dark side of America that has motivated the political satire behind the intelligence of this film.

Cover Image Credit: Shadow and act

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7 TV Shows And Movies To Look Out For Summer '19

Honey, you've got a big storm coming.


I am thoroughly convinced that summer 2019 is THE season of new and highly anticipated content. If you don't believe me, just look at this:

1. Stranger Things ​​(Season 3) 

The third installment of the 1980s sci-fi thriller comes out this July 4th and fans are counting down the days as they wait. Need I say more?

2. Black Mirror (Season 5)

Head over to Netflix RIGHT NOW because the fifth season of the fan-favorite unnerving tech anthology just came out. I already binged the whole thing and I highly recommend. Plus, your old favorite pop princess might make an appearance. ;)

3. Men in Black: International

Oh yeah...your favorite alien franchise is back.

4. Toy Story 4

Let your inner-child shine as the fourth installment of the heart-melting toy-centric movie series comes back to grace all our movie theater screens.

5. Big Little Lies (Season 2)

FINALLY! This past Sunday, the 2nd season of the widely popular drama was released on HBO. Even though we've only seen 1 episode, it was amazing. Plus, Meryl Streep just joined the already star-studded cast -- how do you beat that?

6. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Your favorite Spiderman (Tom Holland) is back and better than ever. This time, Peter Parker sets off on a European adventure, and I don't know about you, but I can't wait.

7. The Lion King

Donald Glover, Beyoncé, and Seth Rogan...what could be better? The live-action remake of a childhood favorite is finally bound to hit theaters this July, and it's going to be epic.

So, get ready to plan your movie/TV binge days because you DON'T want to miss these.

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