Tomorrow X Together Breaks Another Record With Their Debut Music Video "Crown"

Tomorrow X Together already took home many awards last year after their debut. Now it's obvious the awards won't be stopping as they set a new record with their debut music video "Crown" reaching 100 million views in about eleven months and eleven days, making it the fastest boy group debut video to reach 100 million views. Just after its release in March 2019, the video also broke the record for the most views in 24 hours for a kpop group debut music video. Their debut has been extremely successful so far; even the seasons boy group BTS under the same label were surprised they received a tour of their showcase throughout the U.S within their first year.

Huening Kai in the "Crown" music video

Tomorrow X Together, or TXT, consists of five members: Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai. They debuted with Big Hit Entertainment on March 14, 2019. Somewhat unusual for a Kpop group, they say they don't have specific assigned positions and it does seem to change for each member with each new song. As a group that consistently does things outside the box, this is a great move as it allows them more flexibility and provides even more ways to show off everyone's talents.

Beomgyu in the "Crown" music video

"Crown" is quirky, pining love song with a unique perspective and cute lyrics like "you become my crown" that also addresses issues like feeling different and wondering if you are unlovable with lyrics like "Why is the world treating me like this. Got a horn on me all of a sudden. Would there be a light even for devils?"

Taehyun in the "Crown" music video

I can't get enough of the artsy visuals that combine cool camera perspectives with drawing and cartoon effects. There were at least four different group outfits and while it sounds like a lot on paper, it didn't feel stuffy at all with how many different thoughts and emotions are running through the song and how many settings and rooms are shown throughout the video. How much screen time each member of a group gets is always a topic, too, but although it felt like a couple members got slightly more than others, it was overall fairly evenly distributed.

Yeonjun in the "Crown" music video

Tomorrow X Together released over five other music videos since "Crown". A lot of them also use similar drawing effects and each has a distinct vibe and story to tell that somehow still stays unmistakably TXT's style. Get ready for 2020 because if these stars accomplished this much so far, we know we have an amazing year ahead of us!

Soobin in the "Crown" music video

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