Whether you are a fan of pop culture or not, it is impossible to miss. Our society's' fascination, and almost obsession, with media, has given popular culture a sense of inescapability and forced likeability. Because of its' popularity, we sometimes discredit the depth, detail, and dedication the creators put into it. I was able to experience an entirely new side of pop culture when I attended Entertainment Weekly's PopFest.

Having the opportunity to see inside the minds of pop culture creators increased my admiration for the many forms of media. Each panel, I listened to or performance and danced to what was memorable in its own way.

There are two people deserve the right to be more than just remembered. Those two individuals are Ryan Murphy and James Corden. Their ideas, visions, and work are more than memorable; all they have done and are doing is inspiring, revolutionary, authentic and honestly worthy of praise.

Let's first discuss the greatness that is Ryan Murphy. Murphy a four-time Emmy winner and the creator/ producer of "Glee," "American Horror Story," "Scream Queens" and "American Crime Story."

His shows are unlike any others on television. His characters are authentic, his cast is beyond talented and the content is relevant and compelling. When I attended the Ryan Murphy Panel with Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kathy Bates, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Evan Peters at PopFest, Ryan Murphy made it very clear the great esteem he felt working with such talented actors.

During the panel, Curtis used words like "genius" and "visionary" when describing Murphy. Roberts gushed, "I would follow Ryan anywhere to work for him." Even, Bates has recently stated how grateful she is to Murphy for her career comeback. And all of this is only a sliver of the praise Murphy deserves.

He does not disappoint his actors or his fans as he reinvigorates his shows each season. Not only is he creating groundbreaking series', but also groundbreaking opportunities for women in the industry. During the panel, Curtis made sure to draw attention to Murphy's director diversity foundation called Half.

Curtis explained that she is in the process of directing a few episodes for "Scream Queens" because of Murphy's dedication to helping women in the industry succeed.

Murphy vows to have 50 percent of his episodes directed by women and minorities and explains that in 2017, he will be launching a scholarship for people who plan on joining the entertainment industry.

Murphy's goals are to "change the business model of the entertainment industry." He wants to "seek people, rather than have them have to break into the industry."

His success, respect and admiration for the entertainment industry gives him a beautiful opportunity to make a difference in not only the entertainment industry but also in the efforts towards gender equality. His creative ideas about production and social activism are causing a revolutionary change in the way woman are perceived and Pop culture as a whole.

We are lucky enough to have another overwhelmingly spectacular visionary: James Corden.

Corden broke onto the scene in America a little more than a year ago but has since become a household name, as well as an Emmy winner. He started as an actor on stage but quickly became frustrated by the lack of roles because of his appearance.

The late night TV show host discussed his past and how that shaped his ambitions.

"I remember them telling me because of the way you look these doors won't open for you," Corden told Entertainment Weekly. "So I thought well I've got to kick them down then."

Corden created his first UK sitcom called "Gavin and Stacey" to counter the warped expectations of the entertainment industry.

"I wanted to make a show that held a mirror up to real life," Corden told Entertainment Weekly.

After three successful seasons, he continued in the entertainment industry but as a Tony awarding winner actor in 'One Man, Two Guvnors.' Corden's love of Broadway was explicit, as he gushed about the exhilaration of performing live on stage.

With his broadway success and writing experience, Corden continued to speak openly about the years proceeding up to his current show, "The Late Late Show With James Corden."

I was surprised to find out that CBS had actually approached Corden and asked him to create a show. Eventually, he pitched the "Late Late Show," but not with himself in mind for the job. After CBS repeatedly offered him the job, Corden agreed to take the opportunity because it gave him the chance to express his creative ideas and spend more time with his family.

Watching "The Late Late Show," you cannot imagine a more perfect person to host the show. He is both hilarious and real in his interviews.

"Our main concern was bringing joy," Corden told Entertainment Weekly.

Corden noted that he pays special attention to the little things that make his show great, such as the intimacy and authenticity of the interviews during Carpool Karaoke, the originality of the lyrics and change in the environment during Drop the Mic and the capturing the most iconic highlights during Role Call.

"We knew that the key to success for late night television would be accessing the whole audience not just the ones up at 12:35 with nothing else to watch," Corden told Entertainment Weekly.

He connects with his guests by interviewing them all together, by joining music guests in a personal setting like a car ride and just overall spreading his creativity to make the entertainment industry a more joyful place.

As a creator, Corden deeply deliberated how he could reach his goal of accessing the world by providing them access to "The Late Late Show" at any time of the day, on any device and in any place.

Corden is more than a late night television host, he a well-rounded talented man who is revolutionizing late night television. He is changing pop culture by proving that comedy can be joyous, hilarious and original without promoting stereotypes or degrading others.

The careers of both Murphy and Corden have only just begun, and I am beyond excited to see how their creativity will further inspire growth and change within the industry.

Listening to them explain themselves, their ideas, their pasts and their ambitions for the future gave me more appreciation and interest in pop culture. Hopefully, others, as well as those who do not fit the expectations of the entertainment industry, feel the same way.