Twitter Fandom Proposed To Michael Sheen Over The Weekend
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Twitter Fandom Proposed To Michael Sheen Over The Weekend, And He Actually Accepted

So congratulations to Michael Sheen and his many, many fiances.

Twitter Fandom Proposed To Michael Sheen Over The Weekend, And He Actually Accepted

It did not take long after the release of Amazon Prime's original show "Good Omens" in May before fans fell absolutely in love with Michael Sheen, who plays Aziraphale. Fans binged through his entire filmography in the following weeks, wanting all of the Sheen content, and with a strong Twitter presence from the actor, it wasn't long before the fandom grew into something greater.

An article was written on how Michael Sheen had become Twitter's new boyfriend. Sheen had done something not many celebrities did on social media: he actually interacted with his fans. Several fans earned replies from him, artists were promoted with his retweets on fanart, and there are several occasions where he was never explicitly tagged, but only mentioned, and he managed to find the tweet, giving the original poster a subsequent heart attack.

After being named Twitter fandom's boyfriend, it wasn't long before the fandom finally decided to pop the question.

But not before Neil Gaiman, writer of "Good Omens" and showrunner,

To which he replied...

The fact that he even acknowledged the silly joke made the fandom explode.

With anything on the Internet today, the joke sparked some unnecessary drama. Personally, I saw nothing wrong with the original tweet. Other fans took it the wrong way and read too deeply into things and tried to suck the fun out of it.

Nevertheless, after a few days of hearing no definite answer from Michael, another fan decided to pop the question themselves.

This time, Sheen finally gave them (and the entire fandom) an answer.

The fandom is overjoyed, as you can imagine. After all, they recently got engaged.

So, congratulations to the newly engaged! I can't wait to see if we will actually have a wedding, or if we will have to suffice with the myriad of fanart already produced.

By the way, when recently asked and apologized to about the entire ordeal, Michael Sheen responded with this sweet tweet, saying he found it endearing from the beginning. I am soft and we don't deserve such a lovely fiance.

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