'Twas The Night Before Finals
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'Twas The Night Before Finals

When all through the house... Oh right its not that song.

'Twas The Night Before Finals
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'Twas the night before finals, when all through the college
The students were cramming with last minute knowledge.
Stacks of notes scattered with care,
Just praying Winter Break would soon be there.

Students trying to remember what they just read,
While visions of A's danced around in their heads.
Trying to forget all the days they overslept,
And all the notes they should have kept.

The library becomes your new best friend,
While coffee becomes the new trend.
Where stealing a seat with a plug,
Might just get you a mean mug.

I was no different, as my books piled high,
"I am going to fail" I let out with a sigh.
My mind began to race with all the possibilities,
As I began to doubt my abilities.

Frustrations grew at my old tests,
Realizing this wasn't my best.
Imagining what else I could be doing,
When suddenly a thought was brewing.

Procastination came in with a bustle,
He says "Let's get to the bars, pack up, let's hustle!"
"Now, don't you know I am failing?
So sorry friend, tonight I'll be bailing."

He shouts "This grade doesn't mean that much,
Remember it's about your whole resume and such.
So let's go grab a beer that's cheap,
And leave it to others to read and weep."

Realizing I can't be left in the dust,
I decide grabbing a beer I must.
I slam my computer with haste,
Shouting "This is a night we shouldn't waste."

As I ran through the streets to the bar,
I heard " Hey, look a shooting star."
I looked up and wished for a passing grade,
Because my motivation to study had swayed.

The next morning, awoken by my fear to pass,
I grabbed a pencil and sprinted to class.
Making it there right as the clock struck eight,
The professor shouted "Sit down! You're late!"

I sat, circling question after question,
Pondering over and over my secession.
When a sudden thought came so abrupt,
My answers were no longer corrupt.

Changing this answer and that,
While those finished just sat.
I circled my last answer with a bound,
When the Professor yelled "Put your pencils down!"

As the professor collected the last test,
All I could think about was rest.
As the students filed out, he turned off the light,
And shouted "Happy failing to all and to all a good night!"

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