9 People Who Deserved Better
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9 People Who Deserved Better

For anyone who feels like screaming into the void...

9 People Who Deserved Better

I'm going to level with you all... I've been in a slump recently. Life is kicking me right in the butt, and I'm just drained. I'm not going to bore you with the details. So, for anyone who feels like screaming into the void at all of the injustices you feel like the world is hurling at you, here are some folks who might join in.

1. Michael Scott

Watching The Office is sometimes a little painful because of what a disaster Michael Scott is. He is completely socially inept, so nothing really works out for him. Ever.

2. Jerry/Terry/Gary/Larry Gurgich

This poor man is the definition of sad. He is so used to constant abuse that he allowed his coworkers to call him by the wrong name for almost the entirety of the series. If nothing else is going right for you, at least you're probably called by your given name.

3. Burton Guster

Imagine getting dragged into your best friend's hair-brained (and usually life-threatening) schemes but getting NONE of the recognition because you're part of ANOTHER elaborate scheme to protect his identity as a "psychic." Oh. And the one award you've ever gotten is addressed to Bruton Gaster.

4. Gunther

I always felt sorry for Gunther. He had such a mad crush on Rachel, and he had to sit back and watch her date through the entire male population of New York City. Yikes.

5. Candace Flynn

No matter how many times this poor girl tried, she could never get her mom to catch Phineas and Ferb in action. My sister compares me to screeching Candace all the time... and as unflattering as it is, I can see it.

6. The Idiot Sandwich Girl

You know, it's a little disturbing how much we all made fun at this girl's expense. This had to be a pretty painful moment... and now it's a VIRAL painful moment.

7. Matt, Radar Technician

All Matt wanted was to have some real talk with some real folks, and those jerk faces just HAD to ruin his big reveal (he was really Kylo Ren.)

8. Max Russo

I am 22 years old. Wizards of Waverly Place has been off the air for YEARS. Yet, I am still HEATED that Max is the only sibling who did not keep his wizard powers. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE, DISNEY CHANNEL???

9. Another Max... The Grinch's Dog

It took me many years to be able to watch The Grinch (cartoon AND Jim Carrey) specifically because of the injustices suffered by Max the dog. If you think about it, the ASPCA—or whatever Whoville’s equivalent would be—should have been called.

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