Why I Tutor

I am currently a junior in college. I am an English major with a heavy coarse load; my course load includes three English classes, two of them upper level literature courses. Even with my hectic academic schedule, I still make time to work at my college’s writing center. I work as a tutor there.

Being a tutor is rewarding in ways I never expected. I get to help people. I did not realize the impact I would make when I agreed to be a tutor. I get to help students improve their writing skills, which helps them improve their grades. I am impacting their lives in a positive way. I am helping them pass college and improve their GPA’s. This gives me a satisfaction and a humbleness that I had not experienced before.

I did not expect to enjoy my job. I thought I would just help the people who sat at my table and receive my paycheck. I did not expect to feel anything towards the students that I help or the job itself. I feel excited when a student accomplishes a new concept under my guidance. I love seeing their confidence in their writing improve. I love the fact that I am the one who gets to help them. While it is nice to receive a steady paycheck, money has taken the backburner when it comes to my focus as a tutor. My focus is the students.

Some days no one shows up at the writing center. This is both a blessing and a curse. I get to work on my homework and still get paid, but I do not get to help anyone. Some days we have a table full of people waiting their turn to get help from a tutor. Those days are hectic and I feel rushed; I feel like there is not enough time to help people. This causes frustration both on the tutors and on the students seeking help. It is always nice when it is a steady stream of people and there are enough tutors to go around.

I encourage all who need help with their papers to visit their local writing or tutoring center. We love to help in any way we can. Your paper will leave better than when you first walked in. If nothing else, you can get a second opinion on your essay and can turn it in with confidence.

Every day, for one to three hours, I set up my table to help anyone who comes in. I tutor because I feel this is where God wants me right now. He allows me to help others in ways I did not think I could. I am thankful for this opportunity to serve others at my school. I absolutely love my job as a writing center tutor.

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