1. Red

But not for long

Too long in which we have seen you

You’re soft and always flush


Always beautiful

She said she didn't love him anymore

The flowers died

The sunflowers died

It became quiet

Richard Shindell filled every corner

Until she left

Then Hellebores

3. Orange

Dinners were old

Pizza boxes

MySpace and poetry

Brandy in a glass

Cup stains on wood

He left next

Montana was gorgeous

She came back

The trees were his friend

Along with a tall red freckled friend

With long fingers

She was radiant

She is radiant

4. Violaceous

Vermont is beautiful this time of year

Water turns lovers

Coffee is my friend

Or wine

Leaves on the heater

And trees in the library

Life is in bloom

Stars are bright

And my notebook is hard to see

Covered in dew

She bakes pies a lot

And today is no different

Except the warmth

5. Capricorn

He still weeps

In Boston

With his brandy

She chose to sink or swim

Maybe she did both

Her sorrow comes out

Every so often

She's sad

Like me

My favorite shirt has a tear

In the sleeve

I'm tired

My eyes are puffy

My cat's asleep

And so are my feet

My apple is softening

Barely hearing the crunch

That wakes me up

6. Grey

Pine worships God

Rivers weep across rock beds

Tomorrow he said

The next day he said

I’m sorry

He said

Heather is left after the fire

That bridge lays forgotten

Love crouches beside it

The traffic was loud

Your laughter

Echoed through my spine

The caves were his haven

They dripped of self-doubt

Feuilletee Tarte Aux Pomme sits untouched


The chair that sits by the window is worn

Poetic devices and ink rest on it now

15 going on 22

Cold mac and cheese

His shirt is pressed

Sex and decaf blend

Ones and Hundreds

Let him pick them up

Along with the words he threw

Where do I come in?

Between the squares of this round table?

At the end of her smirk?

When blonde turns to you?

Brandy is now scotch

Two door to minivan

Pulled up strings of a twenty-dollar rug

Dead cell phone batteries

Chopsticks and the latest Cosmopolitan

White lights in every corner

The spiders aren’t happy

Marshmallows and Chocolate

Alley ways and street lamps

It's been many tomorrows

I said