The pills. The high. The fights. The disappointment. The madness. The sadness. The look in their eyes. It is one of the hardest things to deal with.

Whether you are trying to save your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your friend, or your significant other, one thing remains the same: you cannot save them, they have to save themselves.

Night after night, day after day, you repeat the same thing to them. "Please quit. Please turn your life around." But moment after moment, they do the exact opposite.

When you do not have an addiction but are trying to save someone who does, a lot of things do not make sense.

Choosing drugs over food is fine to them.

Choosing drugs over family is fine to them.

Choosing drugs over friends is fine to them.

Choosing drugs over a job is fine to them.

But I get it, you are sitting there looking from this crystal clear view wondering why that is fine to them?

The tears may stream down your face watching this person kill themselves with the substance they are choosing to put in their body with no care in the world. You may watch them drown in their own flesh and blood, but anything you say is ignored. You may watch them have no control over their mind and body but still think they are ok.

One thing I can assure you is that unless they WANT to change, they won't.

You can spend any amount of money and any amount of time and they may still think drugs are the answer.

Their drug addition is the fix to their day. Their drug addiction is the apple to the pie. Their drug addition is the F in family. Their drug addiction is their friend. They do not see the world with a crystal clear view at this time. They see that one high fixing their day.

When you struggle with helping someone through addiction, you definitely learn a lot. They may love you or want to listen to you, but they can't until they truly want to. They may want to change but are not ready. They may want to enjoy life being sober, but they just do not see it that way yet.

Time ticks by and they stare at that same substance like candy. They absolutely love it. It has taken over their world.

As time ticks by for you, you feel defeated. You feel ashamed you could not help them. You almost feel like you let the drug beat you. And yes, sadly it did.

Addiction is so hard. Addiction is so sad. Addiction is so draining. Addiction is NOT impossible to overcome, but until the addict wants to see that change, they will continue on the same path.

If you are trying to save an addict, I want you to remember one thing, it is NOT your fault. It is not your fault they choose the drugs. It is not your fault they get in trouble with the law. It is not your fault they deny their family and friend's support. It is not your fault they isolate themselves.

Every single time they put that drug to their bodies, they are thinking of themselves. That rush, that sensation, that high, that is all they are focused on.

The addiction has completely taken over their mind.

Although not everyone in this world deals with addiction, you never know who may be struggling in life. It is always important to be aware. Next time you feel like you are not saving a drug addict, is NOT your fault.