Being a guy's girl is about more than just “hanging out with the dudes." Being a guy's girl takes commitment, a strong stomach, a great sense of humor, and nerves of steel. But there is nothing better than having a bro pack to always have your back.

How does one know if they are a “guy's girl?" Here are 8 simple truths every girl relates to if you mainly hang out with the guys.

1. You are considered to be “one of the guys.”

They often forget you are a girl, but they don't care regardless. You are always in on the dirty, gross jokes, and you aren't afraid to be your crude self.

2. You have bonus brothers.

It’s like getting extra big brothers that annoy you all the time, except you don’t live with them.

3. You never get asked out by weirdos...or at all.

Guys are usually too intimidated by your friends to ask you out.

4. Unlimited access to shirts and hoodies.

You never have to worry about not having any guy hoodies because you constantly steal all of your friends'.

5. You always have a food date.

Guys are ALWAYS hungry, so you never have to go eat alone!

6. There’s less drama.

Guy’s usually aren’t very dramatic, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught up in all of the drama.

7. They sometimes have crushes on you.

Usually you have one friend who has the major feels for you, sometimes making it awkward for any brave guy who tries to date you.

8. They always have your back.

However, through thick and thin, they always have your back. It’s like having you own personal body guards.

Being a guy's girl has a ton of perks, but it can get messy. You don't have a ton of girlfriends, you get called a “slut" for spending so much time with guys, and the guys don't always understand what you are going through. However, you wouldn't change being a guy's girl for anything in the world.