Trust Is Something To Value

I grew up learning many valuable lessons, but as I have gotten older the word trust has been something I have instilled in all my values and beliefs. It's a short word, but it encompasses a whole lot of meanings. We trust people every day without even realizing it. Trust is important.

Today, I trusted the guy at Starbucks to make my order just right. I trusted a website to use my credit card information to make a purchase. I trusted my car to get me to the closest gas station. I trusted my coat to keep me warm on my cold morning walk to class. I trusted my pencil to not break during my exam.

Without knowing it, trust guided my daily actions.

Who are we without trust?

When you only trust yourself, life becomes a burden. We all at some time find trust in people because people can make good out of bad matters. If my car never made it to the closest gas station, I would have trusted someone to help me. If my pencil broke during my exam, I would have trusted someone to let me borrow theirs.

It's easy to trust people we come across rarely, but as people, we find it a challenge to put a continuous trust on the people close to us in our lives. We fear that by putting too much trust in someone, they will only hurt us.

Life is about trust and mistrust. It's trial and error finding what works and what doesn't. Find people you trust by giving them the opportunity to be trustworthy and if they let you down know that there are always more people out there who are worthy.

Don't stop trusting in others because you stopped trusting in yourself.

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