As I was watching this past presidential debate, I was overcome with what can only be described as pure hysteria. Suddenly, everything about the 2016 campaign amused me and I could not help but chuckle at the ridiculous course our country seems to be on. I believe we will do just fine in the long run, but for now, we have to work with the cards we have been dealt. Instead of dealing with reality, though, I created a list of eleven things Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump potentially wrote down during the last debate. Understandably, some people are a little more forgetful than others, especially when they have a lot going on. Here are eleven reminders Trump just may have written down while Democratic Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton had the floor.

1. Buy Kylie Jenner's lip kit

Lip problem solved.

2. File taxes

This year people may notice if they do not show up.

3. Buy a pantsuit-preferably in red

Anything Hilary can do Trump can do better.

4. Call Putin back

Just for a quick chat.

5. Keep eyes open

Open eyed and ready to yell, "Wrong."

6. Bring up Emails

In case people are just tuning in.

7. Draw up blueprints for the wall.

Show people the logistics behind the insan-creative idea.

8. Look up "Trump-ed up Trickle-down Economics"

Is this already coined or...?

9. Put more tissues in suit pocket

No one votes for a snotty kid.

10. Look up pronunciation of China

Or something that sounds like that country at least.

11. Make America great again

See President Ronald Reagan's Campaign for more details.