How Trump's Current Cabinet May Reconfigure America
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Politics and Activism

How Trump's Current Cabinet May Reconfigure America

Taking a look at the new heads of our government.

How Trump's Current Cabinet May Reconfigure America

I know some people (including myself) have been reeling through these last two and a half weeks after Trump's victory on the 8th, but we shouldn't keep our focus on what has already happened. Instead, we should accept that it did and look to what is happening right now. As we know, the President-Elect is selecting members for his cabinet so I'd like to give you a run down of who these people are in case you have no idea.

Attorney General - Jeff Sessions

Trump has currently tapped (meaning he's considering) Sessions as his Attorney General. This means he would be the head of our (already broken) Justice Department. A little background on Sessions. He hates amnesty. Meaning he has opposed immigration reforms be it for legal immigration or illegal immigration. He opposed a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants entering the country as well as guest worker programs for illegal immigrants and visa programs for foreign workers in the STEM department. His reasoning? Here's a quote "Legal immigration is the primary source of low-wage immigration into the United States." He said that in a Washington Post op-ed in 2015. He basically just said that immigration spreads a plague of low wages across the U.S. and believes that moderating immigration is the key for wages to rise.

Additionally, he's a climate change skeptic (but then again, who on Trump's cabinet isn't?) Just to give you an illustration on how intelligent he is on the subject here's a quote: "Carbon pollution is CO2, and that’s really not a pollutant; that’s a plant food, and it doesn’t harm anybody except that it might include temperature increases.” Expert Jeff Sessions, ladies and gentlemen.

One final thing about him, he's a proven racist. And that's just what our already racist and biased justice department needs. Make America Great (White) Again! This man literally almost had his career destroyed by racism. He actually liked the KKK, the only reason he doesn't is because they smoked pot. But if they weren't smoking pot, they were "okay".

Director of the CIA - Mike Pompeo

Long story short, this guy wants the work of Edward Snowden to go to hell. In case you didn't know, Snowden is the guy who exposed the government's excessive prying into the private lives of ordinary people. Now, for Republicans, you'd think that they'd be all for that with their limited government intervention in people's lives talk. But no, Trump picked someone who wants the opposite of that. Also, he may hate good security practices. So imagine if Apple decided to up their security standards so that your phone doesn't get hacked into, Pompeo may give you the middle finger.

White House National Security Adviser - Mike Flynn

First of all, this guy is a registered Democrat so this is incredibly awkward. He wanted Hillary Clinton arrested, someone he used to work with. Ouch. Too bad Trump isn't doing that whole Hillary for Prison thing anymore. He's disappointed. Long story short, this guy hates the crap out of ISIS, which is a good thing, but he seems a little screwy about it. He's got an insane obsession with eliminating them which could lead to some harsh activity in the next few months or years. If you see mushroom clouds, you know why.

Secretary of State - Mitt (Willard) Romney.

I have nothing to say here except plot twist.

Treasury Secretary - Steven Mnuchin

17 year veteran of Goldman Sachs. If this isn't irony right here then I don't know what is. Even Bernie is probably wetting his pants looking at this. All the talk about money in politics, especially surrounding Hillary Clinton's involvement with Goldman Sachs and Trump picks the CHAIRMAN of that organization. Mind.... freaking..... blown.

EPA Administrator - Kathleen White

First of all, holy **** it's a WOMAN!!! However, just in case you thought diversity would play a role in this cabinet, look at her last name. Definitely not. Her stance on Global Warming? In short, it's not the CO2 guys, it's the freaking sun. Global warming is happening because of that God damned star in our solar system. How dare that thing give us light and warmth. Go to hell damn you.

Health and Human Services Secretary - Tom Price

Good news is, he's an Orthopedic surgeon. My God, someone who may actually be qualified to be in the White House for said position. Bad news is, he hates abortions so women you're screwed. Literally. Also he hates the ACA and has proposed an alternative some time ago, but we don't know what that is yet. Will we ever know what any alternatives are?

I can't even list anymore of these people because my head is going to combust. This isn't the full list, but I thought I'd hit some of the bigger ones. Don't wallow on the past. Look to the future. The longer we worry about something that happened and is unchangeable, the more time we give those we fear to enact screwed up policies. If you are afraid, get informed, get involved, spread the word, join a club. Do something.

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