Last Thursday my friend Zac and I took a trip out to Hershey Pennsylvania.But not for chocolate we went to see President-elect Donald Trump and his "Thank You" tour. This is when he goes to a city or town and thanks the local elected officials and voters for the support they gave him during the election and for making him the president-elect. The events have been held throughout the country in states where he won. On this frigid day, the two of us took the long ride out on highway 78 through the hills of Pennsylvania. A sold out crowd came to the Giant Center in Hershey. It was a polite and energetic crowd that for some waited hours outside in the cold to see the incoming president.

After a quick visit to Chocolate world. it was time to head over to Giant Center to see the rally. We stood outside and froze for around forty-five minutes. Some Trump supporters were outside for hours. The wind was biting and dangerous as the line slowly but orderly moved into a tent in front of the doors. When waiting outside many entrepreneurs were walking up and down the lines selling everything Trump you could think of, from buttons to scarfs they had it all. Merchandise was selling fast especially hats and cold weather gear.

We finally made it through the gates almost an hour later. The first thing we did was grabbed a spot on the floor near the podium with the "rowdy Trump fans" as my friend called them. We got our signs and stood for hours but we didn't care. The media stood behind us and every time a camera light went on someone would be yelling Cnn sucks or Clinton News Network

A few minutes after eight, vice president- elect Mike Pence came out and warmed up the crowd. Pence thanked the crowd and pumped everyone for Trump's arrival. Then ten minutes later Donald Trump came out and the Giant Center erupted. I could tell he was excited as he walked out and then first went on to thank all the local officials and then the voters of Pennsylvania. Trump talked about all the things he is planning on doing as president. Most importantly how he wasn't going to use Air force one because of the cost. Also, he told the story of election night and how the media was slow and scared on naming him president.

The day was long but worth it. Supporters from all over the mid-Atlantic region came to see Trump. Many figured they won't have a chance to see him on Inauguration day. It was our only chance to see him in this area. Since the northeast is not known for electing republicans. From the first time, I saw Mike Pence in Lancaster Pa I was learning of a political relaxation is coming and that it could go all the way. We were a part of it and there may not be anything like it ever again.