The Trump Revolution

If you are expecting some high-strung politically-correct points, this is not it.

Look past all the politics and this is what you get.

The first time I ever heard Trump talk I thought the way he spoke and the way he chose to share his opinion was ignorant and unintelligent. As I have heard him speak in several speeches and interviews, since then I have realized that he was just being brutally honest and conveying his opinion in a way no political figure ever has. If you look past the way he is conveying his message and look at his message, you may see something completely different. Trump loves this country more than any president has in a long time. He is set on making America what it once was. Let’s go back to the true American loving way of life.

The main controversy that comes with Trump’s campaign is his points of view and plans for the illegal immigrants in this country and the large populations of Mexican-born citizens that have come to our country. As an American-born citizen, I agree fully with every comment Trump has made about this topic. You want to fix America’s economy? That is not possible without taking away the jobs and income from the ones who aren’t legal Americans. Illegal immigrants have jobs while American-born citizens lose their jobs. I know those comments can be seen as harsh or brutal, but how else do we fix our economy? It is hard to fix the economy while we have a huge population of lower class coming from overseas feeding off our economy, this is something only Donald Trump seems to understand. As debatable and harsh as this topic can get, in my eyes, our economy has not been doing well so for trump to take a different approach than past presidents and the other candidates is a very smart move.

People are so taken aback by the way Trump shares his points of view that they don’t have the clarity in their mind to see where he is going with this view. His vision is to make America, American-built with all American workers and for every American to have a job. As cliché as it sounds, it doesn’t get more American than that. So many other political figures are so focused on helping the “lower class” that they lose focus on the fact that most of the “lower class” weren’t born on American soil. I am all for other citizens coming over here for a better life. I just wish the political figures in this country would let them fend for themselves instead of giving them handouts that cost our economy. They are in the “lower class” for a reason, because they haven’t earned their way up. Trump has the right idea by helping businesses and not giving handouts to the lower class, if the lower class knows that they won't be getting handouts from the government it may cause them to earn their way up and work for everything they need.

Every time I hear Trump say “Make America great again," I look forward to that America. Not Hillary Clinton’s changes to today’s America but the America that Donald Trump is going to create that will be the true America. American-built by true Americans. This is our society, our economy, and our country. So here's to the businessman who makes me proud to be an American. This country doesn’t need more changes, it needs to be put back to how it use to be, all-American.

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