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Trump Mentality

Do we fear Trump or what he inspires in people?

Trump Mentality
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Nearly a month into Donald Trump's presidency, we are starting to hear a little less from Capitol Hill, leaving us pondering what his next move could be. Will he lay low for a while, allowing his first controversial acts to settle, or will he continue with the storm, proving his power to all? Whether we support him or loathe him, there is seemingly one of two mindsets we all carry with this 45th President of ours. The loathers fear him, resent his every move, and resist his movements, while the supporters have a newfound sense of security, ability, and power. What could be more dangerous than a mass of people who want to annihilate the natural rights of people not only in the U.S. but also in countries around the world?

Donald Trump is not the problem. He is the face of the problems we need to eradicate. Trump is simply a celebrity with an endless supply of money who desires nothing but power and attention, but also knows exactly how to get what he wants. With President Trump's known rash behaviors and childish ideals, that he himself may not even believe, it is easy for people to be fearful, and easy for people to be ignorantly supportive. These supporters can be anyone from someone you see at the grocery store to your state representative. People with real power, who can affect your daily lives, believe in these grotesque ideas, and they will and have used it to their own advantage. Let's take a look at President Trump's most controversial acts enforced during his first (almost) month in office:

Reinstatement of Global Gag Rule

This particular act of President Trump's was supported by numerous members of his administration, as seen in the picture we have all been exposed to, a room full of men governing what women can do with their own bodies. This rule takes away all US funding from companies around the world that offer abortion services, despite any potential beneficial assistance they may provide. After this was reinstated, the chill down women's spines throughout the world could be felt anywhere, while powerful or not so powerful people who believe women should not have complete authority over their bodies cheered in victory.

Withdrawal from Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership includes 12 countries and benefits the US in acquiring potential allies, and good standing with influential nations throughout the world. Naturally, the Trump administration destroys it, exiting the agreement, and leaving a handprint on each of these countries after the personal equivalent of a slap in the face. While this does not affect our daily lives as citizens, it could potentially cause conflict down the road if Trump steps on one too many toes.

Revival of Dakota Access Pipeline

As if American leaders have not dismantled the lives of our native people enough, Mr. Trump has approved the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in order to create more jobs for the American people. Here is the issue with this pipeline: it will potentially contaminate the water supply of the Sioux reservation. While many of us can get behind more jobs in our country, it is hard to find the justification for endangering (again) the lives of the people who were here before us, or any people at all for that matter. The support for the revival of this approval shows that many people value jobs over lives, and if people are that desperate for jobs, the wing place down the road needs more bussers.

Muslim Ban

The repercussions of this unlawful act are still affecting thousands today. This action banned all people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US regardless of legality or right to be here. This was by far the most controversial of Trump's proofs of power. Millions of people gathered together in protest, while many others stood back and said, "It's what's best." While there may be some thinly stretched logic in President Trump's brain in doing this, it is wrong, and against what this country was founded on. This ban was found unconstitutional by a federal judge and overridden with defiance by the President himself. The ban prevented people from returning home to the US and hindered thousands of families from being reunited. While the protesters kept at it and fought for what they believed in, the supporters smiled smugly in increasing the security of a nation that is at no immediate threat of being attacked.

While it seems that Trump is the root of all these things, it is just not true. He is an instigator of the ideals that have been long formed and is an opportunity for them to take hold in our country. But fear him not, he is preventable. The US was set up with a system of checks and balances, meaning the House and Senate have the ability to override his suggestions. But they cannot override something they don't know the people don't agree with. So what we can do as citizens is keep voicing our concerns, directing them at our senators and representatives. While it may seem far-fetched, their job is to represent us, the people. Trump may be the president, but he doesn't have the actual right to rule over us, for the time being. Let us revive democracy, and stop the nonsense that has taken reign over our country, and put the power back into the people.

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