Why All Rule Breakers Should Just Run For The Presidency
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If Trump Can Get Away With These 5 Things, Then I Can Get Away With Everything As A College Student

Why the leader of our nation should be held up to the standards of morality and ethics like the rest of the country

If Trump Can Get Away With These 5 Things, Then I Can Get Away With Everything As A College Student

If it wasn't clear from the title, I'm not a fan of Donald Trump. Nor am I a fan of the way he continues to drag the country further down with his careless mistakes, rash decisions, and inability to use common sense when dealing with the issues of this country. His countless sexist remarks towards women are sickening and he shows no respect towards people of color or those of diverse backgrounds, calling immigrants "rapist" and "criminals" and comparing people of African descent or that they come from "shit-hole countries".

With all the terrible messages he has supported and spoken, it's shocking that the president of this country, the supposed leader of the free nation, a person that is supposed to stand for the ideals of America can get away with so much crap, but I can't get off for doing as a college student.

For example, Trump has issued multiple statements and policies over immigration that have included a travel ban on six mostly Muslim nations (excluding Iraq) and "zero-tolerance" policy of people immigrating without papers from other countries, resulting in hundreds of thousands (FACT CHECKED) of children being removed the care of their parents and families. But at my school, we can't leave the dorms for summer break unless all personal items are removed from our rooms. So you're stuck trying to find a way to pack up and clean and load your car all at the same time as at least fifty other people? Ridiculous.

Another example of things that college students should not get in trouble for having in their rooms?

Candles and incense.

Yes, I understand that they are a fire hazard and all that jazz. I live in a brick building, so fire shouldn't be too much of a concern, but any firefighters in the comments, feel free to prove me wrong. Also, I don't believe I've ever heard of incense creating an issue inside the homes of my friends that use them. As long as people are in the same room as the aforementioned item, it shouldn't be a big deal to have them in one's room, especially if all the occupants agree to be aware of their environment and put out anything that is left unattended.

If the president can dismantle previous environmental regulations put into place by the previous president, without replacing them with better policies of his own, it shouldn't be such a big deal for me to enjoy the sweet, refreshing notes of my Champagne Toast candle in my room.

Trump had also given clearance for a pipeline that has the potential to pollute a grand majority of the country's river systems and possibly polluting the food and water supply and affects not only the tribal lands on which it would be built, disturbing the local ecosystem and multiple cultures' way of life and traditions. But people are banned from skateboarding or using their fancy hover boards on any area of campus. I've seen the same group of people come to quad near my apartment building to film each other doing flips and other things, and then rush off before campus security can be called on them. I say, kudos to them.

Meanwhile, the man that was elected as the country's president has repeatedly replaced policies and laws that are meant to protect and ensure the safety of the people he claims to represent and honor, is being allowed to do so much harm socially, politically, environmentally, and more to our nation. It feels like anyone who doesn't want to follow the rules should just run for president. It's not like other people will do much to stop you.

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