I'm Not A Trump Supporter, But If You Hope Donald Trump Dies From COVID, Your Decency Deserves To Be Questioned
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After the news dropped that Donald Trump has COVID, social media outlets were being flooded with death wishes for the president. In fact, at the time this article was published, the third most popular search on Twitter around Trump was "Donald Trump Dead"

America, that's not OK.

While the president is consistently critiqued for his brash and harsh words, I'm failing to understand how wishing death on him isn't just the same exact thing?

If you believe that Donald Trump is a harsh human, then why are you becoming the same thing as him and wishing death upon him?

That's not human decency, that's not being a bigger person, that's not following God's example, that's not anything except stooping to his same level. Some may call this "karma" as the President consistently denied or downplayed the COVID-19 pandemic over the last six months, but that's not a reason to wish death on someone.

Wishing death on Trump because you don't like him is honestly just as if not more disgusting than some of his vulgar comments.

Since George Floyd's death, the rise in people fighting for equality and vocalizing their opinion through peaceful protests has been at the forefront of the news cycle. There has also been intense coverage of those who have turned violent during these protests.

We can't fight violence with violence, folks.

We can't wish something negative on someone just because they did something negative to us or our family. I understand it's hard at times when you've been hurt or impacted by someone's choices or words in a negative way, but we can't wish death on them... no matter how much we may despise everything somebody stands for politically or personally.

Yes, Donald Trump's rhetoric is nasty and hateful, but if you wish death on him you're really no better than he is.

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