Before the Trump Administration, the average person was not typically aware of many specific people chosen by the president to head government agencies. Did you know who President Obama had as his head of the Dept of Education? Probably not until Betsy DeVos replaced them. The media had never bothered to cover so many representatives until Trump, because of the numerous scandals surrounding their moral values and competence.

My question is: Why did it take the Trump administration for us to realize that so many incompetent, unknowledgeable people were in power?

Trump is not the only person tainting American democracy. There were a great number of unqualified people who had been in power for years without us even knowing. The reveal of such people has caused younger, more progressive people to run such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. In its own way, the Trump Administration is slowly but surely causing a political cleansing as a counter to its own ineffective, ill-prepared members.

Thus, it makes me think of the old adage "everything happens for a reason." Perhaps, the Trump Administration is making the public more inquisitive and curious about politics, who they are voting for, and more conscious of what the media is choosing to and not to cover.

Now, this doesn't mean that we should all be grateful for the current president, but rather we should take this opportunity to support a political "micro-revolution." The effects, immense, though. Americans have taken their democracy for granted by assuming those in power, for many years, are still the right choice... that generations before us did all the work and voted for the right people.

However, the whole essence of democracy is that it is a constant effort. No generation is immune to this, and there should not be so much trust in the choices of people who came before us. The result: a whole generation demanding and making change.