Women need to remember: the only standard you should consider is to choose someone who truly loves you! No matter how much money and talent he has, how good, how handsome and how intelligent he is, if he doesn't love you, then all that is useless!

Psychiatrists give women sincere advice: "No matter how much you like that person, but in love, the man must be active. If he is not, it is better to miss."

When you don't have a companion, even if you're lonely, you can still live happily. At this time, loneliness is a kind of realm. You can travel around this world on your own, get to know different friends and explore several new things that you haven't known before. You can also choose to finish working, go home immediately and enjoy your own life. Loneliness is not scary. The most frightening thing is having a companion, but you still feel lonely.

If you want to know if a man truly loves you, don't listen with your ears but look with your eyes. See how much that man tries to win your heart. If you want to know if he is suitable for you, don't ask him what he has, but ask your smile and tears. A person always makes you cry, no matter how good his condition is, that is painful and useless. A person always makes you laugh, even if you have to suffer a poor life, it is still worth it. It is much better to laugh and suffer than to enjoy in tears.

If a love affair does not make you feel any better, unfortunately, you have chosen the wrong person. If that person really loves you, no matter how much he endures, there is no way he will leave you. The type of person who always says "I love you" but never done a thing will actually become the first one to leave you, as soon as possible. No matter who you love, the result is only one. The person who comes with you to the end is true love. The happiest moment of a person is to find the right person who will embrace your habits and will love all things that belong to you.

It is better to find a man who does not have too much money but freely give money to you than to find a man who obviously has a lot of money but is keen on contracting with you. A man's bank account doesn't matter, it is important that how much money he spends to win your heart and makes you happy. Do not ever hypnotize yourself that you only need love without any material. Let's be honest, in this modern time when everyone is sensitive to money, a man who uses money that is earned by his sweat and tears, is the one who truly treasures you.

To all the boys, you can let your girl cries, let her be sad, but don't ever let she stays quiet. Silence is the deepest pain, the most tragic thing of a woman. You have to know that women like the steepest confidant, they love to share every single thing in their life, and no matter how difficult life can be, she wants to tell you all about it. To her, that is the best way to show she loves you.

If there is one day, she suddenly becomes quiet, you might lose her, and you guys cannot remain the same as before…