There will always be people who come in and out of your life. Sure, there is a level of pain associated with saying goodbye and losing somewhere, whether it be under or bad circumstances. Sometimes, we may wonder if we can even move on without that person in our life because they could've played a key role in your life. However, life consists of chapters where we play the main role.

It always blows my mind how quickly sometimes those who are meant to be in your life can turn against you. Sometimes people want to be there when it is convenient for them. The true test of a friendship is always in a moment of crisis.

I have come to realize that if a person isn't going to support me fully, or at least listen to my truth, I am not going let them belittle me for speaking up or standing up for what I believe in. Even if it is something they might not agree with, they can at least offer their support. Friends always want what's best for you, but that doesn't give them the right to attack you for disagreeing. That's not a true friend, to begin with then.

I do sometimes wish to go back, to happier times where I didn't see the flaws of our friendship. I sometimes even wish things never changed just because I miss how things used to be. However, I have learned that things happen for a reason. Even the most painful events of our lives can turn into the most positives. We have to grow from the pain to better ourselves.

Through the most painful experiences, sure those who weren't there for me left. And that's okay. Yet, those who are there for me have made the effort. I have grown closer to. Those who chose to left opened up my eyes to realize who is there for me, so I can invest more in those friendships.

It's even crazy to me that those who I consider my best friends live more than 300 miles away from me. However, I know even if I can't physically see them, they are just a text message or phone call away.

Personally, I'd rather surround myself with people who make me feel like sunshine rather than try to rain on my parade.