The Trouble With Trusting

Trust. The key foundation to any type of human relationship out there. Without trust, you will not be able to form connections with other people. Since trust is a key foundation to a relationship, it has to reciprocate both ways. Trust is one of the most important concepts in a relationship and without it, there is no true solid foundation.

Trust is both an emotional and logical act. Emotionally, you are exposed to realness and a pure, raw, openness to someone. You have to earn someone's trust, and gain trustworthiness from that person. We feel trust through emotions, and with that, love, acceptance, and compassion are attached to it. There are a number of ways to define trust, but trust is much more than an emotional act.

Trusting someone takes a huge step of faith. It means surrendering all of your own personal feelings, worries, and anxieties. It means taking a risk, and deciding to give your whole self in the relationship even though there is a chance of getting hurt. Sometimes, it takes one person to give trust, for the other one to pull through. Without trust, there would be nothing to hold a relationship together.

Nowadays, there are two scenarios of trust that people struggle with. The first one is somebody giving away all of their trust, to every single person they meet. They dive in head first, instead of dipping their toes in the water and testing the relationship out, they go all in and give their whole heart away to everyone they come in contact with. This situation can lead into some dangerous obstacles, which can result to broken trust, feeling let down, and typically becoming closed off.

The other scenario would be the opposite of the last one. It would be that someone is so closed off that they don't trust anyone at all. Even the closest people in their lives, they have a hard time trusting when ultimately they should be trustworthy. They are typically the ones who are so hurt, shut down, and have walls up around their heart. The result of not trusting anyone, and or letting people in, turns to broken and destructive relationships. Relationships that should be going uphill, are actually starting to spiral downwards, resulting into isolation for the person who cannot learn to trust.

There is a balance to everything in life, especially with trust. A balance to let go, and let your walls down when they need to be. A balance to put walls up when it is necessary. But always remember to trust the people that are put in your life permanently. Forgive when necessary, and only give your heart away to people that have earned it. I promise you, when you find a balance, you will see your relationships flourish. Trust is a good thing.

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