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It's Halloween season, right?

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I mean, it's officially August so it's time to start celebrating Halloween, right? According to anywhere in Disney, that's the cast. Halloween decorations have been up in Magic Kingdom for about a week now, and it's lit.

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If you're a fan of Halloween, and I can definitely say that I am not, then now is the time to get the most excited that you can fot the year.

There are copious amounts of candy being sold, decorations being purchased, and pumpkin spice is now going to be on everyone's menu, especially Starbucks. If you're into this, and once again I'm not, go ahead and have your fun! Live you best life because this is your time to shine!

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It's time for everyone to watch Hocus Pocus an insane number of times (still haven't seen it). It's time for everyone to start thinking of those group or couple (if you want to be lame; just kidding, it's just my bitterness talking) costumes and for certain people in the group to start thinking of dates that they want to throw their those dope Halloween parties.

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Unless you're in Florida where it's 90 degrees on a good day, the weather is going to change, leaves are going to fall, and you're going to feel the holiday season upon you.

And if you want to start that holiday season in August, then hey. Live your best life!

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Decorate however much you choose to. If it makes you happy, do it.

I came home to house full of Halloween decorations last night. And as I've mentioned before, I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween, and even coming home to those decorations put a smile on my face.

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So take that, Magic Kingdom. My decorations are just as great as yours and I don't have to pay to see it.


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