A Tribute To The Friend Who Stayed

In life, sometimes we get hit and other times we get hit harder than you could ever imagine by various circumstances. You initially want to shut down in effect to the interruption that consumes your mind. Nothing seems to matter anymore. It seems that every day you just run through the motions. The worst thing that arises from what feels like getting hit by a truck is that you instinctively push everyone away. From experience, I feel that is a natural protection instinct to keep away anybody who does not have your best interest.

When you get severely hurt by something it seems that the only option is to fall apart and in most cases, that is exactly what happens. When you lose yourself you either push people away or they run away because they don’t want anything to do with picking up all of the shattered pieces.

Although if you are lucky you will have one person who refuses to let you fall any deeper than you already are. That one person will never back down or submit to fighting to get you back to a close version of who you once were. Usually, when a depressive state takes over your mind and body, sleep is not an often occurrence. When you have that one person you don’t have to worry about staying awake alone. They will choose to destroy their sleep schedule just to comfort you. If they cannot make it to you, you damn well know that they will be on the phone with you. It does not matter what time you call, a friend like this one will always answer and do what they can to accommodate the situation.

When your life seems to turn upside down and everyone scatters, pay attention to who stays. In a weird way at first you hate it, you do everything you can do to dismiss the person from your life. It’s not anything personal, it is what you see as protection for anybody entering your world at this time of your life. You want to savor them feeling even a little bit of the pain that you feel every day. However, this beautiful person will not allow you to push them. They will fight to stay until the worst that it gets is over.

You really look back and savor all of the trips they drag you on when all you want to do is stay in bed. You appreciate the times that they force you to talk about the hardships. Lastly, you truly want to appreciate all of the times this person made you tear your heart open just to feel something again. My advice to you is make sure this wonderful person realizes that without them you may have never survived, while nobody else even wanted to try.

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