A Tribute To The First Semester

It would be a false statement if I said that the first semester of college was easy. In fact, I think it is impossible for anyone to not find it even the slightest bit challenging. Not only are you challenged mentally, but you’re also challenged socially. Despite some unavoidable anxiety compelled by a considerable change of both scenery and lifestyle, I can easily say that the first semester of college has been the greatest time of my life thus far.

The beauty of college is that it challenges us to evolve ourselves in a short period of time. For example, if you’re a shy person, you can’t simply wait around for people to initiate a friendship with you. You have to go after what you want on your own. By doing so, you become a stronger, more competent person.

College also stimulates the importance (or unimportance) of relationships in our lives. During the initial time of adjustment, you begin to realize the importance of your family back home. You miss their oddities and quirks just as much as you miss their valuable traits. On the other hand, if you’re caught in a personal relationship that’s far from healthy, college is a great time to sever those destructive bonds and move on to more meaningful engagements.

As anticipated, college also challenges one’s intellect. You’ve long ago said goodbye to pointless busywork, and you’re now immersed in a world full of required readings and semester-long projects. Yes, it’s tough, and you’ll sometimes want to question your own abilities and intelligence. Nonetheless, if you work hard and explore the undiscovered dimensions of your capabilities, you’ll come out on top, knowing more knowledge than you ever believed imaginable.

If your first semester did not end up as anticipated, don’t give up or lose a positive attitude. As a whole, the first semester of college is a learning experience that should be treated as such. If your first semester ended on the high end, keep up the hard work and never lose sight of what you’re searching for. Each semester will open unique doors filled with new friends, goals, and inevitable challenges. Cherish each fresh start. Give each semester your all. After all, you can only be a college freshman once.

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