A Tribute To Live Music
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A Tribute To Live Music

"There is only one thing better than music — live music." ~ Jacek Andrzej Bukowski

A Tribute To Live Music
Georgette Rivera, Drake and Future Summer '16 Tour

There is no better feeling in the world than standing in front of a stage and hearing live music be played right in front of you. The speakers pound with noise, and emotions pour off the stage. For some, this sounds absolutely terrifying and dreadful. For the people that are like me, this is a dreamy feeling — a dreamy, irreplaceable feeling.

The best thing ever is the wave of anticipation that sweeps across a crowd before a band walks on stage. As the lights begin to dim, craziness consumes the waves surrounding people. All across the venue, audience members stand up and suddenly the stage turns to blackness ... BOOM! Bright lights burst from the stage and music fades in, welcoming the audience in the most exhilarating way possible.

From waiting in line to get your ticket scanned to joyously walking out of the venue and already missing the concert that just ended moments ago, the ambiance of a concert is completely immersing and thrilling.

Only good vibes radiate as the band is on stage. You and everyone around you is living in the now, listening to the live music that we all mutually enjoy. That's one of my favorite things about live music. Everyone is there for the same reason! We all enjoy the artist and the atmosphere of a concert.

If you have been to a concert and have seen a band devote their existence to playing their own music, you have witnessed passion in the rawest form. The art of making and performing music is not easy. Often, we allow ourselves to enjoy music but not appreciate the work, struggles and obstacles that musicians endured in the process. An excessive amount of work is put into the making of music, and live music definitely presents you with a greater appreciation of the energy and commitment that goes into the creation of those catchy beats, riffs and melodies.

Concerts make for hella great times and timeless memories. Not only do you have a good time and make good memories, but you meet new people. The enjoyment of live music makes for a great bonding time. You stand around, make friends with the strangers around you and have a good time. What is better than bonding with strangers to live music?

Concerts connect us to different times in our lives. They make for the soundtracks of our lives. We are physically present in the moment at concerts, and we soak in that moment. We soak in the strangers, the weather and the smell of a concert. As we stand in the crowd and see the soul of an artist become a part of ours, we are listening to their story. We listen to their struggles and see their sweat and tears be put into a performance. That is the sight and feeling of a concert. That is the sight and feeling of live music.

This has been a tribute to live music.

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