Trends, how do they start? I mean watching the American Girl movies like Kit Kittredge and her developing the outfit trend of chicken bag dresses are really vibing off of me. Down the street in the mall, there are scarf scrunchies from the fifties back in style. My mom never even wore those. It got to the point that I would continuously ask her why she never left me all of her clothes and accessories. "BeCaUsE I NeVeR kNeW tHeY wOuLd CoMe BaCk!" Like I really could've saved so much money and had authentic, vintage style but NO, that would make too much sense for it to happen.

The Beatles have always been an iconic band and have made a profound impact on the music industry. From record players to lava lamps, Polaroid cameras and bell-bottom jeans- these are all impeccable trends that have already been brought attention years before we brought them back. Did millennials really believe that they were original with their trend setting?

Now that's actually hysterical, we truly need to up the game and develop trends that weren't already handed to us. The real question is can we handle that? Are we capable of star-struck material and heart-throbbing boy bands? Besides the breakups and makeups of One Direction and the Jonas Brothers, how do they even compare to Queen, NSYNC, and the Backstreet Boys?

It's 2019 and the only original trends are bogus laws and a stifling rise in climate change, wake up America...