Whether it's 2018 or 1988, some of these trends may never leave. Some of us will argue that for our own lives, the fanny pack will always be a necessity.

1. The fanny pack

If you're the "mom" friend of the group (you know who you are) you probably couldn't be more excited about this trend. You can now carry snacks and the pack of kleenex from your car on a hike, in vogue. Some of these suckers are even waterproof and come with a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

2. One-piece bathing suits

one piece pink GIF

They're back, dad's across the nation are happy, and some of us question why they left in the first place.

3. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

speakers GIF

If you're not a fanny pack person, of course.

4. Roller Blades

Your new favorite cardio for the summer (or maybe your first ever favorite form of cardio). When in doubt, roll out.

5. Retro Sunnies

These cute sunnies will brighten your day.

6. On-the-go hammock

There's always the chance someone might text you and ask if you want to go hammock in the sun.

7. High waisted shorts

Go ahead and go through your moms closet and her stash of clothes from her twenties. You might find your summer supply of shorts.

8. The overall-shorts duo

You wouldn't believe these were originally meant to work on the farm.

9. Go graphic, stay comfy

Your favorite graphic tees are always acceptable. Yes, you can even pull out your 7th grade Justin Beiber tee (too far?) or even a Star Wars tee. Pair it with the high waisted shorts or overall shorts and top knot buns. Cute AND quirky accomplished.

10. The attachable, professional camera lens

Because we all know you're dog/cat is photo ready 24/7. But, not everyone can afford the iPhone x's picture quality so the quality is now available to you. much. cheaper.

11. Off the shoulder is indeed, off the hook

These tops can be dressed up or down. Nonetheless, you'll always be comfortable.

12. Mini-backpacks

For those of us that feel awkward wearing a purse, mini-backpacks fill the void and lift our smiles. Not to mention the ease of hiking, shopping, or a day at an amusement park.

Trends these days make it seem like just about anything is acceptable. As long as your trending with your heart, you'll pull off those quirky outfits you "just don't know about."