SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for 'Stranger Things.'

Now on their third season, Netflix's 'Stranger Things' is full of nostalgia for '80s fans. From the music they use and the video games and movies they have to the retro opening graphics and the tubular stores in StarCourt mall — it's all perfect reminiscing material for those who were around in the '80s and for their children. We love to romanticize eras we were born too late to be a part of, it's been like that forever.

The costume department for Stranger Things nailed it. Nothing was better than the mall scene with El and Max, and now you can even find El's romper for sale at Target — that's if you can find it still in stock!

But one thing is for sure, the fashion sense back then was ace! Fashion repeats itself over and over throughout time. There are always remixes coming back in style of something from decades ago that fell out. Take the resurgence of vinyl records and cassette tapes, for example. They were once the only means of listening to music before CD's came into play, and with them, vinyl and cassettes became almost obsolete. Now, as with a lot of other "retro" fads, you can buy them at overpriced rates at Urban Outfitters.

With the popularity of 'Stranger Things' and thrifting, we can only hope that some of these past 80s fads come back. I'll be waiting!

1. Fanny Packs

They are no longer just for tourists. They're super practical and stylish, especially with the many designs coming out today. You can work out in them, go out in them, and they are still super great for vacation!

2. Velour

Have you ever put on a pair of velour velvet joggers and a matching sweatshirt? If you haven't you're surely missing out. Back in the '80s, they were used for both athletics and leisure, but now, I can't imagine doing anything but lounging around all day in them.

3. Scrunchies

Remember when you used to get made fun of in school for wearing scrunchies, or was that just me? I never understood why. They were obviously big, but they hold your hair really well. Now, like many other trends, we see them resurfacing. These are best worn with a side ponytail.

4. Mom Jeans

No longer are "mom jeans" just for moms! Personally, I love them. They're high-waisted and they have real pockets! Not those deceiving tiny pockets that don't even fit your phone. These look great with a crop top and high-top Vans or Chucks. Don't forget your fanny pack!

5. Leg Warmers

And lots of them. Or, alternatively, you can layer your socks. They all have to be different colors, though, or else the desired effect will not be reached. To go full out, wear with a leotard and leggings underneath.

6. Jean Jackets

You can never go wrong with a jean jacket. They're the perfect accessory to any outfit, and you can even pair it with more denim, so long as it's a different shade. They're also the perfect space to rep your collection of enamel pins and patches!

7. Crazy Patterns

When we think of the '80s, we think of bright, neon patterns. Eleven's Romper, with its bright, geometric shapes, is the perfect example of this. Adding a fun pattern to your look can make all the difference in your wardrobe.

8. Guys Wearing Crop Tops

At what point did wearing crop tops become just for the girls? Honestly, everyone, no matter gender or size, can sport a crop. Bring them back!

9. Big Hair

Big Hair, Don't Care! I'm not saying to spray so much AquaNet in your hair that it makes the hole in the Ozone double in size, but some of those do's from back then were iconic! Maybe just some teasing and mouse will do the trick nowadays.

10. Power Suits

They had shoulder pads. They were powerful. Nothing said "I mean business" more than a good power suit. Maybe we don't need to match everything in the outfit down to our britches, and maybe shoulder pads should be kept in the past, but there's something both cute and serious about a matching pant and blazer.

At the time, why some of these trends were "in" was pretty questionable. But with a few tweaks and adjustments, these styles could be stylish once again! Some of them are already slowly making their way back into the mainstream, with their own remixes. Hopefully 'Stranger Things' will give the public that final push to make these wicked styles resurface, and who knows what fab fashion we'll see in the show's next season?