13 Trends We Don't Want Back From the 90s

13 Trends We Don't Want Back From the 90s

Trends come and go, but here are thirteen fashion trends from the 90s that never need to come back again.

I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I'll catch myself thinking about the awful trends I used to love back when I was growing up in the late 90s and early 2000s. Looking back at some glorious pictures from those days had me questioning my sanity at the time may have given me a touch of nostalgia, but mostly I just found myself half-smiling embarassed at little me. Unfortunately for me, though, I've noticed some of the 90s trends that I would rather not remember are making a slow and steady comeback. I for one am not ready for such disaster all over again, so here are thirteen trends that need to stay in the 90s. (I say we start a "Stop 90s Trends Comeback 2k17" support group, who's with me?)

1. One-strap overalls

Don't get me wrong, overalls can look cute (I may have had a pair or two as a kid, and I had plenty of friends who did too--let's not forget those camo ones, you know who you are), and they've made a comeback the past year or so. I think now people are styling them better BUT that one-strap trend for them...that has to go.

2. Bandanas

Please don't wear a bandana unless you're trying way too hard to look like a cute "country" girl. And only then maybe wear the bandana for Halloween...maybe.

3. Butterfly hair clips

Now let me tell you...I had WAY too many of these. I had butterfly clips, flower clips, cool-shaped clips, etc. etc. And I never once had long hair or ponytails as a kid because I always kept it in a cute banged-bob, but it didn't stop me from playing around with these god-awful clips and putting them all over my hair.

4. Denim everything

Denim was HUGE in the 90s. I remember wanting a denim jacket so so so bad growing up, but every time I tried one on it felt too uncomfortable, so I wouldn't buy it, but I always tried to convince myself I still needed one and always envied those who had one. And let's not forget that it was mandatory to pair that denim jacket with some denim bell-bottoms and a denim purse!

5. Spaghetti straps

Oh no. Please don't remind me of this one. Every girl own at least three or more spaghetti strap tanks, tops, or dresses. No less. I remember even getting mad because school eventually no longer allowed them because they were "too revealing" and looking back, the only thing they reveal is that it never should have been a trend.

6. Glitter everything

Okay okay...glitter was a huge staple of 90s trends. Glitter was everywhere. Glitter was life. You could literally buy glitter powder for your face, glitter spray for your body and your hair, glitter on your clothes, on your pencils, pencil pouches, nail polish, purses, shoes, you name it. If you didn't have random glitter on you by the end of the day, did you really grow up in the 90s?

7. Chokers

Okay, I'll probably get a backlash here, but I won't deny I didn't own chokers as a kid, not as an adult and never as an adult. Don't get me wrong, nowadays, since the trend made a comeback, some people can pull them off, but overall, most people still just look ridiculous wearing them. This trend has made me cringe even more since it made a comeback a few years ago and somehow still won't go away.

8. Velvet

Yikes, velvet was a huge thing in the 90s, and I will admit I tried to get back on the trend when it started coming back a little over a year ago, but that was short-lived, and I'm thankful I didn't continue. Velvet is cool to touch but to wear? Nah, bro.

9. Scrunchies

I always thought scrunchies were so fun and cute as a kid, but they definitely should not continue past childhood. Just get a regular hairband like every other adult.

10. Bucket hats

Bucket hats were comfy, but let's be honest, looking back it just looks ridiculous and doesn't really match with anything and sometimes the flaps would get in the way of seeing things.

11. Jackets tied around the waist

This was my go to look because it was simple and if I felt like my shirt didn't find right, I would just tie a jacket around my wait and call it good. Plus if I got too hot, I could keep my jacket conveniently on me in case I got too cold again. But this is without a doubt a no-go look, no matter how convenient it may be.

12. Slap bracelets

As a kid I thought these were THE COOLEST thing. I had way too many too count, even though I'd lose them all the time. You could get fun patterns and colors, and slap them onto your wrist all day (be careful not to do it too hard though). But I haven't touched one in years, and I will not touch another again because now they just make me cringe.

13. Cargo pants/shorts (or bermuda shorts)

I'll shamefully admit it...but I did have cargo shorts. I loved my cargo shorts, and I had bermuda shorts, and I loved those even more. Both things that should never ever be brought back into the fashion world. Without a doubt, these may be the biggest things on this list that must stay in the 90s.

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