The Trend that hopefully died in 2018

I have seen on various social medias the term "blackfishing" come up a lot. This term is defined as any non-black person who presents themselves to the world as having either darker features, plumper lips, and even kinkier hair. The issue behind this is that many of these people who are doing this get more attention from it. Thus, having the illusion that having black features and being black is a trend.

The idea of blackness being promoted as a tool for popularity or even entertainment stems from a long history of being portrayed as animals for black men and "Jezebels" for black women, through popular entertainment. This is why this phenomenon is an issue because black people's features are being deemed as a fad for others to use at their discretion. Being black is not just about physical features but a deeper journey.

The truth is black people are being recognized more in modern times for their talents in many different fields. This is the first time in history we are seeing more black people of ALL shades being represented throughout media. The "blackfishing" phenomenon exhibits people who recognize that black people are getting more notice and want to take advantage of that. You can appreciate different cultures but masking yourself as another ethnicity for your own gain, without even trying to help the injustice that they face is just simply appropriating another culture.

I said what I said.

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