Treats To Satisfy Every Sweet Tooth

Treats To Satisfy Every Sweet Tooth


Cold, dreary weather has abruptly encroached Auburn’s typically sunny campus. What better way to fight the cold-weather-blues than with delicious sweet treats? 

Auburn’s restaurants boast a plethora of options to cheer you up, no matter your budget or taste buds. Amongst these 10 sugary plates, you’re bound to find at least one to satisfy your inner sweet tooth:      

1. For The Traditional: Toomer’s Ice Cream Sandwich

If you have an Instagram, there is no doubt that you have seen a picture of this masterpiece. Pick your favorite ice cream flavor to be sandwiched between two homemade chocolate chip cookies. One bite and you will realize there is no mystery as to why the ice cream sandwiches at Toomer’s Drugs are a traditional favorite.

2. For Breakfast Lovers: Bizilia’s Muffinini

Bizilia’s serves a breakfast delight that can be enjoyed at any time of day. The muffinini is your choice of muffin, cut in half and warmed on a Panini grill, served with a melted slab of butter. Who knew simple could taste so delectable?

3. For Chocolate Lovers: Taziki’s Chocolate Cake

Got a hankering for chocolate? Pop into Taziki’s for a slice of decadent chocolate cake. Whether you choose to feast on their Mediterranean cuisine or simply go for dessert, this cake is bound to impress, as well as satisfy your craving. 

4. For Bargainers: Applebee’s Maple Butter Blondie

Applebee’s infamous slogan “Eatin’ good in the neighborhood,” proves to be accurate after one bite of their blondie, which is a sweeter, maple version of a brownie. Go any night after 10:00 and chow down on any of their desserts for half price. A good deal never tasted so sweet! 

5. For The “Health-Conscious:” TCBY Frozen Yogurt

Auburn boasts a variety of frozen yogurt stores to choose from. TCBY has remained a true favorite of mine amidst the “fro-yo” trend. Whether scoop or soft-serve, indulge in  a variety of creamy frozen yogurt, which contains less calories and fat than regular ice cream.

6. For Fruit Lovers: Tiger Gourmet’s Lemon Square 

Tiger Gourmet is a hidden treasure for sweets fanatics. Located on Dean Road, the shop sells perfect tailgating and party food, including scrumptious baked goods. Stop by and select a just-baked-treat, such as a lemon square, which is a tantalizing combination of tart fruit and sweet graham crust, topped with fresh powdered sugar.

7. For Mr. Fancy Pants: Crepe Myrtle Café Dessert Crepes 

For a little taste of France, visit the charming Crepe Myrtle Café and treat yourself to a lip-smacking crepe filled with Nutella, bananas, and strawberries. Don’t forget the cool whipped cream to top it off!

8. For The Milkshake Maniac: CheeburgerCheeburger’s Milkshakes

With a smorgasbord of flavors to choose from, the milkshake menu at this burger joint offers something for everyone! From plain vanilla, gingerbread cookie dough and other extravagant flavors, these creamy shakes are an unbeatable treat to sip your craving away!

9. For The Big Appetites: BurgerFi Custard Concrete

BurgerFi serves old-fashioned custard, which is a thick, creamy, frozen dessert. The red velvet custard concrete is a popular choice, stuffed with red velvet cake pieces. Heavier than ice cream, custard is a more filling and richer treat, so you might want to skip the fries with your hamburger.

10. For Candy Bar Fanatics: Mylk’s Heath Bar Cookie

Auburn’s newest cookie shop, Mylk’s, is a fantastic addition, as well as a perfect snack, between classes. Conveniently located downtown on Magnolia, Mylk’s offers creative cookie flavors, as well as delicious spin-offs on the classic cookie. Looking at all the cookies behind the counter is bound to make your mouth water, but I’ve found that the Heath Bar cookie can’t be beat. Made with real Heath toffee pieces and drizzled with chocolate fudge, this cookie is baked to perfection.     

Whether you’re down-in-the-dumps from a recent breakup, the change of weather, or being stuck in the library, lift your spirits with one (or all) of these delectable delights, without having to dirty up your spatula or break the bank. Let’s face it; there isn’t much that a satisfying dessert can’t cure. 

Cover Image Credit: Toomer's Ice Cream Sandwich

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15 Things You've Heard As An Ice Cream Scooper

And the responses you wish you could have said...

As many of you know, being a customer service employee can be exhausting. Sure, you may like working with people, but there's no doubt that you reach your limit here and there. Ice cream scoopers are a very specialized group of customer service employees who deal with people in their most vulnerable state: when they are craving sweets. If you've ever worked in an ice cream shop, here is a list of things you've definitely heard from customers, with responses of what you probably wish you could have said.

1. "I want cookie dough."

OK, seriously? "Cookie dough" is all you're giving me? Now I have to ask you a million questions about what size, what kind of cone, what type of toppings, etc. I know you may think I read minds, but I swear I don't.

2. "Just give me the regular cone. You know, the normal one."

Well, we offer three different kinds of cones. What's normal to me may not be normal to you. Chances are I'll scoop your ice cream into a sugar cone and then you'll look at me like I have ten heads because you expected a wafer cone *sigh*

3. "Can I try the vanilla?"

Are you kidding me?! I'm not sure if this is because you've never had vanilla before or if it's because you have a very critical opinion of vanilla ice cream, but either way... I suggest you take it down a notch. Your only excuse is if you're four years old.

4. "I promise, this is my last taste."

Is it, though?

5. "Oh wait, actually, THIS is my last one."

Yeah, that's what I thought.

6. "After all of these tastes, I won't have enough room to actually order a cone of ice cream!!!"

Extra points if you and your friends all laugh at the joke you just made.

7. "Is that one good?"

Honestly, does my opinion of ice cream really matter to you? Obviously, I'm going to say I like it, because I work here and it's ice cream, so yeah, it's good. What am I supposed to say? Should I tell you that I actually find that flavor repulsive and that it sort of tastes like soap? Probably not.

8. "Which flavor's your favorite?"

Let's be honest, there's a very high chance that our taste in ice cream is completely opposite altogether. So, when I say that the peanut butter chocolate is my favorite flavor, you'll probably smile and nod politely, and then order mint chocolate chip. Awkward.

9. "Just surprise me!"

No, no, no. Please do not put your ice cream order in my hands, that's way too much pressure. Also, I'm a terrible decision maker.

10. "Do you have chocolate ice cream?"

Nope! *Sarcasm*

11. "Which flavors are gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free, and dairy-free???"

Why did you even enter this ice cream shop? Don't get me wrong, I'm sympathetic to allergies and sensitivities, but I have a feeling you're just being obnoxious.

12. "I bet your right arm gets pretty muscular, huh?"

Ha. Ha. Haven't heard that one before! Are you going to make the Popeye joke next?

13. "Could you just add some hot fudge on top of that for me?"

Listen carefully. If you ordered a kiddie size ice cream in a cup, and the ice cream fills the cup completely, where would there be room for the hot fudge? The answer is nowhere. I then have to transfer your ice cream into a larger cup that leaves room for the fudge, which easily could have been avoided if you had simply warned me of your fudge desires beforehand.

14. "It costs HOW MUCH?! I remember when a cone of ice cream was 50 cents!"

I don't make the prices. I, too, would love if an ice cream cone still cost 50 cents, but the unfortunate truth is that it does not, nor will it ever again.

15. "Oh, my gosh! I don't know how you work here and stay so thin! I would eat everything in the store!"

Oh don't worry, I DO eat everything in the store.

If you've ever said any of these things to an ice cream scooper, they probably made a joke about you to their coworker when you weren't looking. But it's okay, they immediately praised afterward as long as you tipped well. Ice cream scoopers are nice in nature, I swear. And they don't hold grudges!

Happy scooping!

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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6 Best Places To Eat In New Jersey

There are some pretty great places to eat in New Jersey


There is some of the best food to eat in New Jersey ranging from a full course meal to just a simple dessert. I feel like no matter where you are in New Jersey, there is always a local restaurant or little shop that sells food that claims to be the best. No doubt that wherever you are in Jersey, there is a food place located a mile or a little more away.

Some of my favorite places include many Italian restaurants. The food is usually a bit pricey but worth it. I think the top three best Italian Places would be:

1. Casa de Balsamo

I have been here many times and the food every time is always so delicious no matter what you get as an entree.

2. Casa de Pasta

I have recently tried this place and it was so delicious, I will definitely be returning. I think that the portions of food they give you are some of the best around for what you pay.

3. Carmines

This place has some of the best pizza around as well as some very good Italian food.

Similar to everyone else, I am a huge fan of dessert. Here are the top three places to get dessert.

4. Cliffs

One of the best ice cream places around especially in Sussex County. There are so many flavors to choose from and the ice cream is homemade making it taste even more delicious.

5. Carlos's Bakery

The bakery has so many goods to choose from it is overwhelming. My go to dessert when I go here is the cannoli, they are very good.

6. Kohr's Ice Cream

If you couldn't already tell I really like ice cream. Kohr's Ice Cream is located down the shore and is one of the most commonly known ice cream places. It is very delicious and a nice dessert after spending the day on the beach in the hot sun.

So if you are ever not sure where to go for dinner and you like Italian food, try one of the places I suggested. Or if you are ever craving some good dessert or ice cream, try one of the three places I suggested. They all are very good.

Cover Image Credit:

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