It was October 12, 2017. My friend, Olivia, and I got all dressed up and were outside the doors of Lee Hall an hour before they were even supposed to open. We were incredibly excited and kind of nervous.

After almost 2 years of following the cutest, most inspirational Christian blogger on Instagram, she was there, right behind those auditorium doors, about to speak for us. Jordan Lee is the writer for a blog called SoulScripts, which promotes the slogan “your brokenness is welcome here”. She is one of my favorite people.

She gave the most amazing speech about how we should not fear the stains that we have on our hearts because Jesus loves us no matter what and that we must stop trying to cover those stains with boys, or partying, or grades. We must surrender our sins, our fears, our troubles to The One who wants us in His Kingdom no matter what.

After purchasing a college devotional book and a t-shirt with Jordan’s cute slogan on it and taking a picture with her, Olivia and I walked out of Lee Hall changed girls. We were not only shaking from meeting one of our idols but stunned as to how her message affected us.

I am not going to lie; my life is not peaking right now. I am not thriving. I do not have the grades I want. I focus way too much on boys. I party a little too much. I am not the healthiest I have been. I am broken. Jordan’s message could not have come at a better time. She showed me that with all my stains, all my fears, all my troubles, I could still depend on Jesus to love the heck out of me. I am fully able to come to Him with all my baggage, not be embarrassed, have no fear that He will turn me away. He is the cure to my brokenness, and it is welcome here.

Jordan said something awesome that stuck with me: Pretend that sin is cancer and that a doctor tells you he has a treatment that will cure it, but the treatment is hard and scary and requires your full attention and for you to let go of some things. Would you take the treatment? Of course, you would, its cancer. But what about sin? The treatment is Jesus and His unconditional love for us, yet it does require some healing and some let go. But the end result will be so worth it.

Tomorrow will be a great day because it will be the day that I begin my treatment, my healing, my fresh start. I am going to do better, be better, and feel better. I cannot wait.

Thank you, Jordan for your encouraging words and your beautiful insight. I am forever grateful for you!

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