To Jordan Lee, For Showing Us Treatment For Our Brokenness

To Jordan Lee, For Showing Us Treatment For Our Brokenness

A takeaway from Jordan Lee.

It was October 12, 2017. My friend, Olivia, and I got all dressed up and were outside the doors of Lee Hall an hour before they were even supposed to open. We were incredibly excited and kind of nervous.

After almost 2 years of following the cutest, most inspirational Christian blogger on Instagram, she was there, right behind those auditorium doors, about to speak for us. Jordan Lee is the writer for a blog called SoulScripts, which promotes the slogan “your brokenness is welcome here”. She is one of my favorite people.

She gave the most amazing speech about how we should not fear the stains that we have on our hearts because Jesus loves us no matter what and that we must stop trying to cover those stains with boys, or partying, or grades. We must surrender our sins, our fears, our troubles to The One who wants us in His Kingdom no matter what.

After purchasing a college devotional book and a t-shirt with Jordan’s cute slogan on it and taking a picture with her, Olivia and I walked out of Lee Hall changed girls. We were not only shaking from meeting one of our idols but stunned as to how her message affected us.

I am not going to lie; my life is not peaking right now. I am not thriving. I do not have the grades I want. I focus way too much on boys. I party a little too much. I am not the healthiest I have been. I am broken. Jordan’s message could not have come at a better time. She showed me that with all my stains, all my fears, all my troubles, I could still depend on Jesus to love the heck out of me. I am fully able to come to Him with all my baggage, not be embarrassed, have no fear that He will turn me away. He is the cure to my brokenness, and it is welcome here.

Jordan said something awesome that stuck with me: Pretend that sin is cancer and that a doctor tells you he has a treatment that will cure it, but the treatment is hard and scary and requires your full attention and for you to let go of some things. Would you take the treatment? Of course, you would, its cancer. But what about sin? The treatment is Jesus and His unconditional love for us, yet it does require some healing and some let go. But the end result will be so worth it.

Tomorrow will be a great day because it will be the day that I begin my treatment, my healing, my fresh start. I am going to do better, be better, and feel better. I cannot wait.

Thank you, Jordan for your encouraging words and your beautiful insight. I am forever grateful for you!

See more of Jordan and more of SoulScripts at

Cover Image Credit: Ryann Lipcon

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Not Alone in our Loneliness

It happens to the best of us, but don't let it get the best of us.

The fear of loneliness is a real one and from it stems a lot of other basic feelings.

Ever get scared that you’ll end up “forever alone”?

Ever get FOMO?

Ever fall into peer pressure?

Ever feel the constant need for approval?

Ever seek affirmation?

Ever get the gut-sinking feeling that nobody else in the world gets it?

All of these derive from the fact that we are all afraid of being left alone. We’re afraid of not being “good enough” for others to like us. We’re afraid that if we stand out, we’ll stand alone.

Well- let me clue you in on something. You’re not alone. All of these feelings are so common. Except, we never talk about them for the sake of bottling our emotions and not scaring people away. Because we believe the lie that everybody is “fine” and nobody would get it if we opened up about these empty feelings we sometimes have. It’s a never-ending and discouraging cycle.

A cycle, yes. But a pointless one. Why hide the fact that this basic human emotion and fear is felt and experienced? The fear of loneliness is insanely present in a lot of lives and we must come to terms with the fact that, even if it isn’t expressed, it’s there. And, when you dive into it and cut to the core, it makes sense.

We have an inherently natural instinct to desire human connection. It’s in our DNA. In Genesis, it is written that man was created in the likeness of God. What one thing does God desire more than anything else?

Us in a right relationship with him. He desires intimate, real, open, and vulnerable relationships with us. He wants nothing more than for us to cling to Him and walk deeper and deeper with Him.

So, realizing that God, our Father, craves the same connections and has defeated the same unsatisfactory feelings of loneliness that I have and will experience is the most comforting thing in the world.

Jesus is the calm to my chaotic thought. The peace to my pity party. The comfort to my confusion. The hope to my helplessness. He is faithful even in my fears. He satisfies my heart when my mind tells me to run. He pulls me close when my mind says I’m never good enough. He loves recklessly and pursues endlessly.

My fear of loneliness and everything encompassed within has been taken to the grave and has been defeated by grace. And so has yours. Because of His fearless faithfulness, I no longer need to fear loneliness because my heart will be fully satisfied in Him.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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When I Have Nothing Else To Do But Trust

2018: a brand new year.

I've never been one to have new years' resolutions because, well, I never actually find success in them. This year, however, I've jumped on the band wagon of choosing a word for the year.

With the close of 2017, I was in a season of impatience, loneliness, and anger. I had no idea what God was wanting to do with my particular circumstances and I was annoyed with the waiting process. That's not surprising because if you know anything about me, then you will know that I am probably the most impatient person on this earth.

I hate waiting. I hate not knowing what is going to happen. And I hate not being in control. But God is in the midst of every one of those things.

He's a patient God and He knows the future. So what gives me the right to rush the journey?What gives me the right to not trust God? To not trust His processes and His actions? To not trust what He brings to the table and in my life?

Throughout 2018, I will be committing myself to trusting God, to trusting His reasonings and His seasons.

So what does trust mean?

To me, trust means finding the calm in the storm; believing in patience and the waiting through trials; nurturing and appreciating doors that are necessary endings; staying still with praise on my lips; crying out when I feel the loneliness of college doom on me; allowing myself to breathe and grow mentally, physically, and spiritually; believing that although I am just a tiny speck on this earth, I am destined for my own specific and important journey.

On the first Sunday of the year, I prayed a prayer about endings and beginnings. I prayed for the Lord to lead me out into waters and dry lands that leave me with no other option than to trust Him and His work. I prayed that He lead me to the point of embracing the grace that He so freely gives, not lends; because we have a Father that gives with no return in mind besides love and trust.

If I'm being honest with you, 2018 scares me. I'm nervous about where God will send me this year and what trials will show up. I'm worried about what Satan will throw in my way to blind me of the promises of the Lord.

But no matter, I will trust in Him and stay still, because in doing so I will find strength in Him (Psalm 27:14).

Cover Image Credit: Mandy Parsons

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