Treat Me Like Your Sister

You Wouldn't Grope Your Sister At The Club So Treat Me Like You Would Treat Your Sister

Since you can't treat me like my own person, treat me like someone you know.

Sami Mitten

You wouldn't slip her a drug to take advantage of her. You wouldn't cat call her while she was walking to class, or threaten her safety when she rejected your advances. It would be horrifying to treat your sister this way, sick even. You damn well know you wouldn't let someone else treat your sister like that, either.

So why do would you treat me like that? I'm someone's sister, daughter, niece, granddaughter. I'm that person for someone. There are people who would defend me and my honor. I have to deal with the horrifying actions of men who can't treat me like I'm an important person.

I always hear men say what they would do if such and such happened to their sister, but continue to act aggressively towards strangers. For whatever reason, women aren't seen as their own person. They're only important to a man when they're directly related to said man.


Treat me like how you treat your sister. Or your mother, or your daughter, or any of your female relatives that you treat with respect.

You're disgusted about the fact of sexually assaulting your sister? Can't fathom the fact of putting your hands on her when she repeatedly told you to stop? Good, have that same mindset when you think about doing the same to me. I'm no different than her. Her safety isn't more of a priority than mine because of her relation to you.

You're clearly capable of keeping to yourself when it comes to your female relatives, do the same for all females. Imagine the hurt it would bring you to know that your sister has suffered the way that you've treated women. Be mindful, be respectful, and if you can't bring yourself to treat me right, just imagine someone treating your sister like that.

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