4 Reasons You Need To Prioritize Travel When You're Still Young

4 Reasons You Need To Prioritize Travel When You're Still Young

We all need to get away every so often.

One of the best things about being young is all the opportunities we have to travel the world. Whether it is the chance to study abroad, or even go for Spring Break or over summer, getting away from classes is the best remedy for cabin fever. All my life, my family and I have gone on many trips across the U.S. and I will now be venturing to Paris with my university for ten days this spring.

Being in a new country is full of wonder, new emotions, and a little jet lag. Traveling allows you to learn so much more about the world. Here is why traveling is one of the most important things that a young adult can do in their lifetime.

1. You get to learn about other cultures

The world is full of different cultures and people. In school I loved learning about other cultures and religions, and I still do. Even in the U.S., there are areas with way different cultures than what you follow. When learning about Paris before I go this March, I found it interesting what they do that seems weird here. In French culture, they eat ice cream with a fork. I will only be caught dead using a fork if no other spoons are clean and there aren't plastic ones.

2. You start to be not as picky with food

A big part of visiting new places is trying the famous food. Whether it's southern barbecue or curry from India, it's best to at least try. A lot of culture revolves around food and their historical dishes. You might find out that you really like a dish or two. If you will try anything, try something strange or something that you'd never buy back home.

3. You get to get away for a while

We all feel cooped up from time to time and just need to get away. So, why not go thousands of miles away to a new country? For a while, you feel like you moved to another country, and eventually start to feel like a new local. Let's be honest, who likes vacationing in their own state? I know I sure don't because I live in one of the biggest vacation areas in Ohio.

4. You learn more about yourself and the world

Traveling increases curiosity and allows you to personally grow. Vacation is the best time to work on personal projects, start working out, read that book series that has been collecting dust on your shelf, and even get a nice tan at the same time. When coming back from a trip, I have the urge to eat healthier, work out, and better myself. Maybe it's the sun? Maybe it's just being able to sit and think for a while?

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11 Places I Would Die To Visit

From New York City to Italy, I want to see all the places!

Travelling is something that I have always loved to do. I love experiencing new places and seeing how people in different cities operate. Whether it's only an hour away or 22 hours away, every place is different and it just amazes me.

I love finding seeing all the different places in each city from tourist attractions to just walking the street. There's no better way to explore a city than to walk the streets and find all the well-known food places in the city.

As much as I love traveling, I have only been to a handle full of places but there are so many other places that I want to go. So without further ado, here are a few of the places that I want to visit:

1. Nashville, Tennesse

I've always dreamed of going to Nashville. Its been one of the places I've always wanted to go to for many reasons. One is that I love country music, and Nashville is the home of country music. I also just love the city.

2. New York City, New York

Listen, I love New York with my whole heart. I've been there once and I've wanted to go back ever since. I want to go see as many Broadway musicals as I possibly can, go walk through Central Park, and, because I love "Gossip Girl," go see the upper east side and the Met Steps.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

I don't know why I've always wanted to go to Boston but here we are on this list. I want to go to the Boston Red Sox Stadium, try restaurants that are Boston specific, and all the fun Boston things you can do.

4. London, England

This has been on my list for years. It's one of those places I always say I want to go to because it's honestly one of my dream places to visit. From seeing Big Ben to just wondering the streets talking to locals, I can't wait to see it all in person.

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Obviously, I love big cities, so, of course, Atlanta had to be included in this list. Fox Theatre, MLK Museum, Coca-Cola Museum, and the CNN Center are just a few places I would love to go see. Not to mention nightlife in Atlanta is something that I need to see.

6. New Orleans, Louisana

New Orleans is one of the places I more recently wanted to go to. It looks like its a blast to go visit especially during Mardi Gras. Something just draws me to this city. Not to mention I'd love to try the food.

7. Los Angeles, California

Sunny California has been a place on my travel list for years. LA what a place to visit. I want to go do all the typical touristy spots and then some.

8. Ireland

So with Ireland, I have no clue where I want to visit I just know I want to go. The scenery looks so pretty and I would like to see it with my own eyes.

9. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is one of those staple places that I want to visit. Millenium Park and the Chicago Cubs stadium are only a couple of things that I know I want to go see there. I have a fascination with big cities.

10. Italy

Italy is like Ireland in the sense that I don't know where I want to visit in Italy but I know I want to go there. There are so many well-known cities in Italy that I wouldn't mind visiting. From Rome to Venice and everywhere in between, Italy is one of my dream places to visit.

11. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, the birthplace of coffee. I don't know why I want to go there but it deserves to be on this list. I'm not sure if the reason I want to go there so bad because Is because I want to see the scenery or the fact that Grey's Anatomy is based out of Seattle haha.

I can't wait to go see all of these places at some point in my life but I do hope it happens soon.

Cover Image Credit: https://upload.wikimedia.org

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Portable Mattress: Benefits and Uses

The Benefits of an Portable Mattress

Portable mattresses are a considerable saving for various reasons they can be used for different purposes, you can take them and go anywhere quickly. Portable beds are comfortable to store and place they are excellent for home use. They don’t occupy much space in your closet. Portable mattresses are a great choice when it comes to guests as you can fold it up and store it somewhere when the guests are not around. A portable mattress is available in folding or inflatable for giving perfect balance in both indoor and outdoor.

Variety of uses of portable beds:

 For camper, backpacker and a hiker:

Are you a camper, backpacker and a hiker? Are you going on frequent trips then you can opt for an inflatable mattress or sleeping cot and sleeping pads? Each of these portable mattresses has their advantages and disadvantages it is up to you to choose the best suitable one for your trip.

 For housewife’s or mothers:

Accommodating kids, friends, relatives and guests is a big task. In this situation, you can buy a portable bed as they occupy very less space in your house. The portable air beds come in handy to lodge your unexpected guests. The portable can be folded and rolled and are very lightweight to carry when you are going out with your kids. 

 For infants and toddlers:

Portable beds are best for babies as they offer comfort for them at home or outside. You can choose the portable kids to travel beds as they have raised edges to keep the babies from falling or rolling off safely. They are excellent to carry when traveling.

 For youngsters or hostlers and students:

If you are a student, then it is excellent to buy a portable mattress for you. Shifting the hostels and rooms with traditional mattresses is difficult whereas with the portable memory foam mattress it is very convenient and effortless to move your mattresses as it comes in handy. 

A range of benefits for opting a portable mattress: 

 Experience a relaxed sleep: 

A portable mattress gives you more support and makes you feel relaxed with comfortable night sleep.

 Trouble free to store:

You can easily store the portable mattress as most of the portable mattresses are of tri-fold. They won't utilize much space, so it is convenient to slide them into a closet.

 Well-Suitable for travel:

Do you travel a lot? Then portable mattress is the best option for you it helps you to sleep on your couch instead of someone’s. It is more worthy than a saggy couch. They are excellent for camping and won’t take a lot of space in a car. They are also available with handles for easy travel.

 Less expensive:

Compared to the traditional mattress portable mattress are cheap and best. You can purchase an expensive fashionable portable mattress for just 200 dollars. Thus a portable mattress is a great saving. 

 Flexible mattress:

You can use the portable mattress as a chair and enjoy watching TV in the living room. You can use portable mattresses as a footrest by just folding it up.

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