Travel Guide: Sunriver, Oregon
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Travel Guide: Sunriver, Oregon

Here are fifteen things to do in or near Sunriver.

Travel Guide: Sunriver, Oregon
Lilly Pittman

My family has visited Sunriver, Oregon nearly every summer since I was little. Sunriver is a small, quiet vacation community in the high desert of Central Oregon. It is formed around round-a-bouts and offers something for everyone. The possibilities are endless.

1. Bike

Sunriver is perhaps best known for it's bike trails, which riddle the community. Rent a bike or bring your own. No matter where you want to go, a bike trail will take you there. They are all accessible and paved. You might even see some deer on your ride!

2. Golf

The center of Sunriver boasts a beautiful golf course. Practice or compete on it's manicured 18 holes.

3. Horseback Riding

Unleash your inner cowboy with some horseback riding. In the winter, enjoy the rare treat of a sleigh ride!

4. The Observatory

On a clear night, gaze up into the sky and discover all things astronomical.

5. Sharc Pool

When the summer heat becomes overwhelming, cool off with a dip in the pool. Kids will love the inner tube slide, whirlpool, parents will enjoy the adults only hot tub, and all will walk away refreshed from trips around the lazy river.

6. Lava Lands Visitor Center

Curious as to the abundance of lava rock near Sunriver? The Newberry National Volcanic Monument is your place to study its geology. The more adventurous can even bike there from Sunriver. Hiking trails and learning opportunities await.

7. Lava River Caves

A part of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument are breathtaking caves formed by lava. This one in particular is among the longest at nearly a mile! An adventure not for the faint of heart (or the claustrophobic)!

8. Benham Falls

Near the Lava Lands Visitor Center, lies a gem along the Deschutes river—Benham Falls. These falls are easily accessible for all ages and hiking abilities. While hiking and biking trails lace the terrain for the more adventurous, this place welcomes small children. Parts are even wheelchair accessible.

9. Fishing

The beautiful Deschutes River flows alongside Sunriver. Bring your drift boat or flyfish from the bank. It's an opportunity to breath in the woodsy air and slow your heart rate.

10. Tours: Kayaking, Canoeing, ect

The same river that offers fishing also offers adventure and a way to cool off. Float, canoe, kayak and more!

11. The High Desert Museum

Step back in time and experience history through what this incredible place has to offer. See how Native Americans, trappers and early settlers lived. It will truly come to life before your eyes. Learn about the animals that dwell in the high desert, including river otters, porcupines, and cougars.

12. Tennis and Pickleball

Courts are abundant and are scattered all over the resort. Rent or bring your own gear for some friendly competition and fun.

13. Fort Rock Park

A great place for kids to play and dogs to work out some energy. The park boasts a gassy field for soccer, a sand volley ball pit and more. A great place for a picnic!

14. Nature Center

Offering nature camps for kids and more, visit to encounter the wildlife who live in the High Desert.

15. Sage Springs Club & Spa

In need of some special attention and pampering? You'll find all you need and more here.

Sunriver has something to offer everyone. This list is only the beginning of all the things you can discover and do in and near Sunriver, Oregon.

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