In Transitioning To College With A Disability, I talked about how I was afraid of transitioning, wondering what I was going to do once I got onto the college campus. I gave a description of the things I may do once the time comes, such as using a roller backpack and wearing sneakers. But as I knew it would be, it turned out okay.

When I moved onto the W&J campus, I was initially nervous. Everything was so new and strange. I met multiple people, and kept forgetting names. During orientation, there was a lot of walking around, and my feet became swollen for a couple of days. In all of that though, there were so many activities and lots of fun. There was a matriculation ceremony, in which the Class of 2020 all received pins meant to be worn on graduation.

On the last day of orientation, my link mentor, Anna (I have to say this, she is awesome!), helped me to get around campus as if I were going to my classes that very moment. It was extremely helpful, because it gave me an idea of what to expect the next day. I never thought I would be able to get around campus, but fortunately my thoughts had proved me wrong. It is not easy, but I can.

I also met my roommate, Emily, who is pretty cool. I learned we both love chocolate. We have similar majors and interests. In short, we get along well. I met Emma and Molly, who are really awesome people to be around. This past week I have gotten to know a lot more people, from different places and backgrounds, which is the best part. Everyone has awesome stories to tell!

Sure, my legs got sore and tight from constant walking and running, and I am always running out of breath by the time I get to each class, but going away to college has been the best decision I have ever made. I have no regrets whatsoever, because now I have accomplished one of my dreams—to live on my own, to be independent. I realized that if I had listened to my fears, I would have backed out. I am no longer afraid of what will come next, and I am open to learning new things.

There is more to come, I do not know what it is, and that is perfectly fine. I have learned that it is okay not to know, and just expect. To do your best no matter what happens. Embrace the moments, whether good or bad. Regardless of the homework and readings I have, college has been a great experience so far.